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Salvador Dalí (1904 - 1989) was an important Catalan painter, best known for his surrealist works. His work is noted for their striking combination of bizarre dreamlike images with excellent draftmanship and painterly skills influenced by the Renaissance masters.
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Thorough biography including images of his works on high detail.
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Detailed biography covering his childhood, early training, late periods, legacy and additional quotes.
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Images, links to related books, and a complete Salvador Dali chronology.
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Focusing on the life and work of the artist, featuring a brief biography and image galleries.
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Official website of the institution that manages the painter's artistic, cultural and intellectual legacy.
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Collection of images of artist's works and biography.
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Location and pictures of the Catalan artist's grave including a biography.
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Proper analysis on one of his paintings 'Birth of Liquid Desires' along with a biography.
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Features a biography as well as a list of his selected works and chronological events.
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Provides a comprehensive biography including a slideshow showing images of his work.
National Galleries of Scotland
Features Dali's paintings background information along with a short biography.
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Collection of works of the Surrealist artist with a biography and historical comments.
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Supplies a biography, photographs and an art gallery of the artist.
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Authentic Salvador Dali prints, intaglio and woodcuts. Appraisal service for your collection. Art authenticated by Albert Field.
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This private repository of information was established in New York City with the approval of the artist.
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Presents a list of interviews recorded in English and in French.
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Biography of the artist, several galleries, comparison galleries, and a links.
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A biography and photographs of the artist and galleries of expandable thumbnails of his works, including links and wallpapers. Requires Flash to view.
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Artist's biography, collection of images and links to other Dali site.
Wikipedia - Salvador Dali
Includes a biography, a chronology of notable works, images, and a discussion on his political views.

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