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This category is for sites offering specific information on a large number of movies with the same theme or criteria.
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The 80s Movies Rewind
Films from the 1980s listed alphabetically or by genre. Listings include plot synopses, reviews, trivia, and film recommendations.
Guide to non-mainstream and foreign films.
Based on the Book
Compilation of book titles, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures.
The Bechdel Test
Rates films based on the criteria of containing at least two female characters who talk to each other about something besides a man. Includes viewer-contributed reviews.
British Film Locations
Photographs, maps, and information on filming locations in the United Kingdom.
Horror, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy and bizarre movies. Contains film information, multimedia, and historical details.
Lists actresses who have died on-screen. Many entries include descriptions on the death and screen captures.
Comic Book Movie
News about the production of movies based on comic book characters.
Multilingual guide to feature and documentary films about environmental, social and globalization issues.
Fiction Into Film Database
Searchable list of science fiction, fantasy, horror movies and TV shows that were based on works of fiction.
Systematic compilation of annual film ticket sales statistics in European cinemas since 1996. Entries include totals and a breakdown by individual country.
Movie Locations Guide
Provides cross-referenced listings for various filming locations, with photographs, maps, and addresses.
The Movie Map
Provides an interactive map of filming locations. Allows user contributions.
Reel Streets
Information on UK locations for films made from the 1920s to 1980s.
Provides approximate times for taking breaks while watching films in theaters. Includes scene spoilers and film reviews.
Smoke Free Movies
Movies without cigarettes. Site in English and French.
Where Did They Film That
Location listings for films made in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Allows searching by film title or place name.
The World Trade Center in Movies
Listings of films that show the World Trade Center towers, by title or decade. Includes screenshots.
The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations
Includes photographs of various shooting locales as well as film synopses. Allows browsing by place, film, or cast member.
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