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For sites offering comprehensive information about music, or reference information that doesn't fit into any single music subcategory. Includes references such as musical dictionaries and encyclopedias, and general guides to the subject. Also see subcategories for competitions, sheet music, and libraries and information centers.
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American Hit Network
Reviews, release dates, music news, concert dates and reviews, music history, games and web radio.
Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
Stanford University project founded in 1984 offers free public access to large databases and online tools for music research and scholarship. Includes printable scores, voice-leading checkers, and scores and MIDI files for koto and tabla.
Computer Music bibliography
Large plain text annotated list of publications on MIDI, synthesis, and computer music, with links to music and artificial intelligence, maintained by Piet van Oostrum.
Lists hidden and unlisted tracks found on albums and CDs, accepting submissions from site users.
MSN Music Guide
Includes news, reviews, charts and links.
Music Bibliography
Links to research materials, musical societies, scholarly journals, and various uncategorized sites annotated and maintained by Professor Bruce C. McIntyre of the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College (CUNY).
Music Bibliography at IUP
Course syllabus and brief articles for students of Carl Rahkonen at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with links to a dozen significant music libraries and online archives.
Portal with artist and band biographies, polls, top ten lists and musician jokes.
Musician Biographies
Thousands of authoritative articles, many with discography, bibliography, and awards. In two alphabetized lists, individuals and bands or groups.
Collaborative music encyclopedia contains melodies and musical themes from classical, popular, and folk music. Can be searched based on the melody alone, either by playing it on a keyboard, whistling or singing, or by entering the melodic contour as Parsons Code.
Online Tuning Fork
Click to hear sustained pitches including C, E, and concert A 440mHZ. With links to similar sites.
Shavano Music Online
Self-help articles about band equipment, lighting systems, speakers, equalization, and business including contracts. Free submissions for bands seeking musicians and vice versa.
Solo Performer
Veteran singer-songwriter Steve Rapson of Quincy, Massachusetts offers extensive self-help articles on practical aspects of being a working musician, including legal and music business issues.
Collaborative site offering chord changes to more than a thousand tunes as submitted by contributors, along with chat forums and FAQs.
Search by note names, intervals, or solfege to see matching classical themes or folk melodies in musical notation. From the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities at Stanford University.
Web Music Database
Collaborative user-submitted database of cross-referenced artists, albums, tracks, and sound files.
Who Does That Song
Find artists by song title or titles by artist, cross-referencing artists who have changed names or joined different groups.

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