Sites about all forms of 3D photography, and their online display, when feasible.
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2d to 3d conversion
Converting a "flat", standard picture into a 3D stereo image is and art, and Erich is a practitioner of the art.
3D Conversions From Flat Art
2D - 3D Conversions from art including old world masters as well as recent photography.
3D Hall of Fame
Compilation of stereo 3D images from a number of sites.Anaglyph and Stereo Pairs are shown. Jon Grieg, a Burbank CA stereo photographer edits.
3D Mix
Includes anaglyphical photos, articles and software for lenticular image creating and 2D to 3D conversions.
3D Photography from Around the World
Images from many countries. Most photos are JPS format. Learn how to take, view, print and project them. Offers 3D forum, glossary and links. Offers 3D forum, glossary and links.
3D Stereo
Samples of the work of the Foundation for Remarkable Photography. Include 3D anaglyph art gallery.
Realistic stereoscopic 2d to 3d conversion for any 3d stereo format, including large format 3d lenticular imaging.
3D anaglyph photos of Russian mountains Caucasus and Ukrainian peninsula Crimea.
Web magazine about how to make 3D photos, how to create anaglyphs, offer of 3D glasses, software for making 3D, links, and 3D galleries.
Anaglyph 3D display of Microscopic Images
Gallery of 3D images by U of Delaware's Roger C. Wagner.Fine anaglyphic display from electron microscopes.
CG Techniques
Messageboard about lightingtechniques in 3D.
Christian Taeuber's 3D Gallery
Collection of colour anaglyphs and stereo photo techniques.
Extreme Photo Constructions
Several anaglyph galleries created by uniting dual video frames by David Neufer. Astronomy and history anaglyphs included.
How to Create Stereo Photos Using a Digital Camera and Image Editor
Full explanation of how to create 3D black-and-white stereo images that can be viewed using red and green or blue filters or pieces of cellophane. A digital camera isn't really necessary; scanned images would work.
JRS Design
Information on changing the Stereo Realist camera to get wide format 7-p (European)images.
Konstantin's 3D
Tips and tricks for stereo photographers, and graphic artists, including gallery.
National Stereoscopic Association
Official homepage of National Stereoscopic Association (USA). Convention information, magazine: StereoWorld.
Specializing in the production of 3D video and photographic content, and consulting on methods of stereoscopic image presentation and projection.
RBT 3D Cameras
Information on ONLY Professional line of stereo cameras made today.
Starosta: Anaglyph Photos and Computer Graphics Galleries
Large presentation of anaglyphic and stereo pair 3d photos and graphic creations.
Stereophotography by Andreas Petersik
Self-built Nikon EM3D, stereoscope Java applet, stereo pair gallery including anaglyphs and shutter images.
Stereoscopic Society of America
A discussion list for people interested in stereoscopic photography, especially people that shoot and share their own stereo images via postal folios and the Internet.
This is a world-wide compendium site, 300+ links, about 3D photo products, techniques, methods. One of the best for news releases in the field.
Terry Blackburn Stereographics
A collection of stereo pairs and anaglyphs featuring a variety of subjects.
Yahoo! Groups: View-Master
Mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of View-Master and other 3-D Stereo subjects.

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