The series chronicles late 23rd-century events aboard a space station that serves as a crucial center for trade and diplomacy in neutral space between several competing empires. Stars included Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, and Jerry Doyle.
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The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Guide to the series, including news, episode list, actor information, and archives.
Renderings and information about various elements of the Babylon 5 story.
The Abyss: Babylon 5
Information on books, music, comics, and videos, plus news and links.
B5 Tech-Manual
Detailed site covering the technology, ships and weapons of Babylon 5. Includes movies, images, and sounds.
Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
Fan-written A-Z of the Babylon 5 universe.
Babylon 5 History Page
Includes a timeline of the Babylon 5 universe.
Babylon 5 Webring
List of sites and instructions for joining.
The Babylon Project
An overview of the series. Includes introductory materials, an episode guide, discussion forums and an image gallery.
Dateline: B5
Babylon 5 collectables information, and essays about the show.
Down Below Sound Archive
Thousands of sounds from the series, including blooper tracks.
A guide to the spacecraft of the Babylon 5 and Crusade universe.
ISN Anchor Desk
Includes quotes, information about collectible cards, original fan fiction, and the official Crusade style guide.
Operation Phoenix
Babylon 5 CGIs and ship technical specifications.
Prixel's Babylon 5 Multimedia Page
Included in this site are pictures from series, the themes to all five seasons in MP3 format and movies from throughout the series.
Purple Files Database
A directory of Babylon 5 sites, organized by category.
A Visit to Babylon 5
Take a virtual tour of the station.
Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica
An observer's illustrated guide to the Babylon 5 universe.
Wikipedia: Babylon 5
Encyclopedia entry includes a series overview and an exploration of themes in the story.

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