This category contains sites which offer 3D models, also called meshes. These models generally represent everyday objects, but can also be abstract or futuristic. They are made using modelling software such as 3D Studio or Lightwave, and can be used in rendering programs such as Bryce.
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3D CAD Browser 3D Models
High quality 3D models library for all popular CAD and 3D modeling and animation software.
3D Maestro
Flash site with free models, textures, tips, and design resources. [Best viewed with Microsoft IE.]
3D MeshWorks
Download craft meshes in 3DS, MAX, LWO, COB, and SCE formats also reference photos.
A free 3D model site specializing in high resolution plant and vegetation models, in 3DS and DXF formats. Includes tutorials, image gallery, and 3D resources.
Free 3D models for VisualFX, broadcast, films and TV, plus news items within the 3D industry.
DACort Graphics
Digital models and figures for Poser, some free, plus a gallery.
Dreams and Magic
Free 3d objects and textures. Services include 3D computer animation, graphic design, 3D modeling, web design and hosting.
Elf models
A small amount of models ready for download.
Evelio's Babylon 5 model links
Indexed Babylon 5 digital models available for download.
Francesco Franceschi 3D Objects
Several pages of 3D objects for download in LWO, DXF, COB, and OBJ formats.
The Great Escape Studios
Free 3D models, Truespace support, and web design for Florida.
Download 3DS models of plants, trees, interior, human, and low resolution scenes.
Mesh Factory
Online catalog of 3D models in MAX, 3DS, and Lightwave formats. Features mainly civilian and military transport. Credit cards accepted for easy online ordering.
Model Masters Free Models
Some free sample models in 3DS format from the Interiors-1 FotoReal CD.
New World Graphics
Producer of 3D models. For corporate, residential, retail space and urban design, in DWG and DXF formats.
PlanIT 3D
Free 3D models, textures, sound fx, tutorials and architectural resources.
Poitra Visual Communications
3D Model catalogue includes furniture, animals, antiques, antiquities, trains, ships, and military. Custom modeling services are also available.
Polygon Studios
3D model sales and custom models, animation, and solutions for movies, game companies large and small businesses, and individuals.
Princeton Search Engine
Search for two or three-dimensional models by drawing them and/or using keywords. Search results shown in thumbnails with link to referring web page.
Protofex 3D
Free and purchasable high resolution 3D Models available for Bryce, Vue, Lightwave, Max, Maya, and other 3D imaging software users. Textures and bumps are also available.
Custom 3D models, rapid prototyping, laser scanning. Some free models for download.
Star Trek Meshes Collection
Collections of Star Trek meshes and 3D objects for free download on the web. Includes ships and stations from many races, most in several 3D formats MAX, 3DS, LWO, and COB.
Telias Free
Model in the following formats .3ds,.wav, for Bryce, Poser, Max, also textures available.
The community to share free 3D models, meshes and scenes for Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, and Blender users.
3D models, meshes, texture maps, shaders, materials, and vector graphics designed for purchase, to use in Lightwave, 3dsmax, Poser, Shockwave 3D, Softimage and Maya.
Virtual Lands
Small selection of objects and textures available. Links and tutorials. Obj and Bryce formats
Web 3d Services
Company provides custom modeling and animation services with several free models and tutorials.
Zygote Media Group 3D
Commercial 3D models, particularly characters and human figures. Custom modeling, models developed in all major formats. Online purchase of individual items, or order a CD.
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