Server applications that store information and allow people to search it using web forms.
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Atrise Everyfind
Design a search engine for your web site, intranet, CD, DVD or any portable documentation.
Concept Searching
Enterprise Search Engine based on Concepts, not single words. With interfaces for websites, filesystems, SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, Notes and DMS and CMS.
High-volume text search works with many file types. Features include hit highlighting, natural language, fuzzy, phonic, Boolean, proximity, field, numeric range.
Search software for databases and structured data offering a large array of phonetic and algorithmic fuzzy search methods.
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
Written in Perl. Online-manageable with a web browser.
freeWAIS-sf FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] with answers for freeWAIS, a text retrieval system.
Enterprise search engine with advanced text and metadata capabilities.
Google Search Solutions
Hosted search options and a search hardware product.
Free GPL-licensed distributed search system to collect files of many different formats and make the information searchable using a web interface
Hosted Site Search
FusionBot search engine, a remotely hosted search service.
Infoglide Software
Similarity Search Engine finds similarities and relationships between data in databases.
InTEXT WebSearch
Windows/Unix server search engine, includes natural-language querying and document summarization.
Search engine that makes use of hypertext links and paths to provide rankings. Open source project under the GPL.
Search engine software for Internet and Intranet sites. The index can be stored in any of the popular SQL Databases.
A full-text search system. Not only does it work as a small or medium scale web search engine, but also as a personal search system for email or other files.
Open Objects
Provider of Datastore, for information access of online databases, directories, search and information management.
S.L.I. Systems Learning Search System
A scalable search that learns from your users and adapts, provides search suggestions, and reporting.
Suntek Chinese Search Engine
Chinese and English search engine for web sites and intranets. Available for embedding on CDs. Chinese-enabled content management system supports full text and field search in addition to workflow and publication management.
Unix-based file indexing and searching engine based on SWISH-E. SWISH++ is a complete rewrite developed to circumvent difficulties with the SWISH-E package.
Terabase Corporation
Develops logistic research products and search engine and database solutions for publishers and other information providers.
Provides SQL-based relational full-text retrieval, dynamic publishing, object management, and web-indexing software.
Finds information in a related web of pages. Collects and indexes pages based on traversal of links or subdirectories. Create a context-sensitive search by category by linking to relevant pages.
Search engine that uses a server-based agent to seek all URLs on a site, including dynamic pages from databases. Includes a function to keep searches current.
Zoom Search Engine
Free search engine software for your web site or intranet, with documentation and no advertising or dependency on external sites. PHP or ASP is required for the search front-end.
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