Gambling can be defined as playing a game of chance for stakes. Gambling occurs in many forms, most commonly pari-mutuels (horse and dog tracks, off-track-betting parlors, Jai Alai), lotteries, casinos (slot machines, table games), bookmaking (sports books and horse books), card rooms, bingo and the stock market.
Pathological gambling is a progressive disease that devastates not only the gambler but everyone with whom he or she has a significant relationship. In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association accepted pathological gambling as a "disorder of impulse control." It is an illness that is chronic and progressive, but it can be diagnosed and treated.
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Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators
Supports the development of services that will reduce the impact of problem gambling. APGSA members are administrators of public funds dedicated to the provision of problem gambling services.
Chance to Change
Offers a Christ-centered gambling addiction recovery program, produced for churches.
Offers a telephone help line for people with gambling problems in the United Kingdom. Also, offers an Internet chat help line.
National Responsible Gaming Programme
Offers problem gambling education, treatment, telephone counselling, research, and counsellor training in Africa.
North American Training Institute Home Page
Specializes in responsible programs for the gaming and wagering industries, professional, accredited training programs, and in senior citizen and adolescent compulsive gambling issues. Includes Wanna Bet? magazine for kids concerned about gambling.
Northern Rivers Gambling Service
Offers counseling for problem gamblers and their families. Situated in Northern New South Wales, Australia.
Problem Gambling Hub
Provides a hub for research, treatment, and discussion of problem gambling by the gaming industry and professionals who are concerned with the problem of gambling addiction.
Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario)
Contains information about an organization dedicated to responsible gambling awareness.
Contains an on-line magazine for kids concerned about the dangers of gambling addiction.
Want to Stop Gambling?
Offers a free self-help guide developed by a problem gambler.

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