Bipolar Disorder (also known as Manic Depression) is a mood disorder characterized by episodes of mania and depression.
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Bipolar Aware
Presentation of all aspects of the illness including diagnosis and treatment.
Bipolar Beat
Blog. Information and support for patients and their loved ones.
Bipolar Caregivers
Provides information about supporting someone with bipolar, ways caregivers can manage their own wellness and helpful resources.
Bipolar Disorder
Signs, treatment, self-support, information and booklist. From the American Academy of Family Physicians .
Bipolar Disorder FAQ
Provides outlined reference to illness, based upon contributions to Usenet support groups.
Bipolar Disorder Today
Contains large selection of information about the disorder.
Bipolar disorder – Wikipedia
Article with references, videos, pictures, and links from the free encyclopedia.
bpHope Magazine
Online magazine with a blog and forum.
EverydayHealth - Bipolar Disorder Center
Features information about diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder, and find support on the message boards.
Famous Bipolar People
Biographies of famous people, past and present, who are thought to have suffered from bipolar disorder.
Discusses basic concepts, self-medication, and the tie to creativity. Moderates email discussion group, and MOO. Includes information on Australian support groups.
Guide to Bipolar Disorder
Covers various aspects of the illness; includes links and resources. Bipolar Disorder
Presents definitions, symptoms and treatment. Bipolar Disorder
Articles include medication, suicide prevention and substance abuse.
Mayo Clinic: Bipolar Disorder
Medical encyclopedia outlines basic facts of this disorder.
Mental Help Net
Contains in-depth information on bipolar disorder including symptoms, medicines, therapies, technical studies, and intervention techniques.
Merck Manual: Bipolar Disorders
Provides information about symptoms, treatment, maintenance therapy, the prevention of rapid cycling, precautions during pregnancy, psychoeducation and psychotherapy.
NAMI: Bipolar Disorder
Fact sheet details symptoms, treatment and prognosis.
Neuroscience for Kids: Bipolar Disorder
Aimed at young audience, teaches basics, including childhood disorder.
NIMH: Bipolar Disorder
Fact sheet explains the illness in depth. Covers symptoms, causes, and treatments, with information on getting help and coping.
Pendulum Resources
Consumer written information, including writings and email discussion group.
Psychology Today: Bipolar Disorder
Features the definition of the illness, symptoms, causes and treatment.
PsyCom: Bipolar Disorder
Professional information about diagnosis, causes, and treatment including an online prescreening test.
VeryWell: Bipolar Disorder
Offers a blog, causes, treatments, news and a forum.
WebMD: Bipolar Disorder Health Center
Find in-depth information from symptoms to treatment options.

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