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Canning and Freezing is for sites or pages with canning or freezing recipes.
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Apples: Preserving
Fact sheet explaining how to prepare apples for freezing or canning, also recipes for syrup for preservation, preserving without sugar, recipes for chutney and cinnamon apple rings.
Ball Canning - Jarden Home Brands.
Offers tips and techniques, recipes and an e-mail newsletter.
Bernardin Home Canning
Canada's source for home canning products and recipes.
Canned Food Alliance
A consortium of steelmakers, canmakers, food processors and canned food brands promoting the nutritional and convenience benefits of canned food. Features a recipe database, bulletin board, online surveys, recipe contest and tips on health, lifestyles and timesaving.
Canning Food Recipes.com
Canning and preserving recipes and information on preparing, cooking and processing fruits and vegetables.
Colorado State Co-op
Facts, tips, and directions for freezing vegetables.
How Stuff Works: Preserving Food
An explanation of all the different ways used to preserve food from freezing to irradiation.
How To Can and Freeze Fruits and Vegetables from your Garden
Explains how to store garden produce by canning or freezing. Includes syrup, jelly and relish recipes.
Lesley's Recipe Archive: Canning Recipes
Recipes for pickles, relish, and jams, plus a tips and techniques page for boiling water canners.
NDSU Extension Freezing Tips
Answers to commonly asked questions about freezing produce. From North Dakota State University.
Noll's Home Canning and Freezing
Paul and Bernice Noll share their recipes and tips. Some have step-by-step illustrated instructions.
Pickled Crab Apples
Basic recipe using hot water bath method.
Presents methods for preserving food by canning, freezing, dehydrating and vacuum sealing. Also includes safety tips.
Successful Home Canning
An easy to follow guide for home canning.
Unsafe Canning Methods
What not to do when canning foods from the University of Wisconsin.
Wild Fermentation
Resources for fermenting a vast range of nutritious and delicious live-culture foods and drinks.

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