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Free land from the government may be a thing of the past, but the spirit isn't. The modern meaning of 'Homesteading' is more than just living on a farm though. Most people who use the term mean a simpler back-to-the-old-ways, self-sufficient lifestyle.
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An open forum on homesteading topics, with a strong focus on Christian and biblical concerns.
Almost a Farmer
Lessons and guides on how to becoming a small homestead farmer. Including how to market, the science of rocks and soil, gardening techniques.
An American Homestead
A family leaves the city in 2012 to live off-grid and build a homestead to raise healthy food for a sustainable living.
Apartment Homesteading
An urban guide to cooking, gardening, saving, and prepping for a tiny house while still living in an apartment.
Backwoods Living
Articles and weblog about back-to-basics living, by a homesteader with thirty years of experience.
Braided Bower Farm
Blog containing photos and how-to articles by two former city-dwellers who moved to the country to raise livestock and grow food.
Country Enterprise
Offers advice to those trying to make a living in the country, or those in cities who dream of getting the chance to live of the land.
Country Farming Lifestyles
A homestead website for organic farming, urban farming, simple living and urban self sufficiency.
Devon Association of Smallholders
DASH promotes and furthers the interests of smallholders particularly in Devon and the South West and co-operates with other like-minded organisations.
Dyfed Smallholders Association
For anyone who is interested in the countryside; whether you’ve got 200 acres or a window box for salad.
The Farm Barbie
Step-by-step instructions on country living. It may be messy, but we're doing some old fashioned homesteading in a modern world.
Farm Hand's Companion
A homesteader's resource dedicated to preserving and developing old-fashioned skills of the traditional small farm. Keep up with the progress as Pa Mac turns undeveloped land into a functional farm.
Floyd Family Homestead
The chronicles of a homesteading and sustainable living family in the modern world, from a family who has been homesteading since the 1600s.
Forever and Always Homestead
A small family owned homestead located in Johnston County, NC which focuses on delivering self-sufficiency.
Goodbye City Life
A collaborative site dedicated to the mechanics of country living. Source of information on homesteading, modern living alternatives, farming and the old ways.
Green Eggs & Goats
A farm to table homesteading blog empowering people to grow their own food, from fruits and vegetables to meat and dairy.
Homestead and Prepper
Anthony Urso writes a combination survival, prepping and homesteading blog. The focus is practical solutions to everyday prepping questions.
Homestead Blogger's Network
A network for bloggers in the homesteading and self-sufficient lifestyle niche. Includes education, support, promotion and opportunities for members.
Homestead Revival
From goats and chickens to gardens and the kitchen, you'll find everything for the modern homestead, however big or small.
The Homestead Survival
Pat and Memphis, two normal housewives of homesteading families who live on opposite sides of the United States of America creating an ever changing homestead.
Articles devoted to teaching you how to build a frugal and sustainable rural lifestyle.
A Homesteading Neophyte
This blog follows a once suburban girl through her new life as a rural homesteader.
Information, checklists, skill training, property development help, and more for your rural life.
A podcast about living a more sustainable life as a homesteader. Farming, hunting, fishing, foraging and anything else done at the homestead is discussed in the show and in videos and blog posts.
Just Plain Living
Off-grid homesteading in the low mountains of Nova Scotia, turning an old hunting cabin into a home.
Life Unplugged
Hosts a variety of articles regarding green building technology, alternative energy solutions, farm and garden articles, and general stories of interest related to sustainable living.
Learn about frugal living, homesteading, English cottage gardening, and cheap meal recipes. Based in Victorian Queen Village, New York.
Information about homesteading, organic gardening, self-sufficiency, seed saving, solar energy and recumbent bicycles.
Mini Farm Life
After purchasing a 100-year old home on 1-acre, they started rehabilitating the home and creating a 1-acre homestead.
The Modern Homestead
Articles and a forum dedicated to self-reliance and sustainability with common sense. Modern ideas applied to old fashioned living.
The Modern Homestead.US
Articles on self-reliant food production. Whether you have fifty acres or only a patio pot, you can grow food for yourself and your family.
Mrs. D's Homestead
Articles and journal about homesteading, gardening, livestock, simple living. Offers homemade goat's milk soap, handcrafts, natural lotion bars, handmade rice bags.
My Little Prairie Home
A collection of homesteading tips, ideas for simple living, growing and processing your own food, pioneer skills, back to basics values, frugality, and adopting an old fashioned view of life with a modern twist.
Nagnou Farm
Organic family homestead raising Dexter cattle for beef and dairy, Arabian horses, chickens, and various other homestead animals.
Nature, Nurture, Grow
About striving to build a simple life. This blog exists to inspire others as they prepare for, buy, and eventually build their life on a homestead.
NY Homesteader
A site dedicated to simple, rural living, "Tales of a Modern Catskill Homesteader".
Organic Gardening and Homesteading
Tips on homesteading, organic gardening, self reliance, living off the land, caring for goats and chickens, frugal living and healthy, frugal cooking.
Our Country Haven
A site with a Message board and Chat room where viewers can share information and ask questions about all aspects of country living, homesteading, and home remedies.
Peace and Carrots Farm
Fourth generation farming in Chester, New York.
Self Sufficient Farm Living
This site is about: Producing your own food, building your own homestead and maintaining a frugal life style.
Self-Sufficient Country Living
Essays on the topic of self-sufficient country living, from a Christian perspective.
Sheeps Creek Farm
Includes FAQ on growing, harvesting, and storing hay for small farms. Greenland, NH, US.
Simple Living
An on-line book about one family's simple and sustainable-living lifestyle. Other pages include tips and inspiration for simple living, natural building, communities, the ecology and other topics.
Small Plot, Big Ideas
Documenting running a 15 acre smallholding in North Pennines, England.
Southern Matters
Promotes small-scale low-technology agriculture and backyard fruit production. The emphasis is production of cane syrup, with essays on syrup chemistry and access to bulletins.
Summers Acres
A husband and wife duo's journey and guide to homesteading, practical simple living, DIY, and emergency preparedness.
The Tattooed Homestead
A couple of IT geeks move the country to experience the simple life.
Ten Acre Homestead
From setting up the homestead, learning how to garden, livestock selection and solar setup this is their journey to becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant in a modern-day home on the range.
Time Outdoors
Photoblog about starting a homestead and building an offgrid cabin.
Uncle Dutch Farms
Narrative of the transitioning of one family from city life to rural life. Also contains lots of photographic tutorials on how to do things like baking bread, canning, gardening.
The Vegetarian Homesteader
A blog which follows the adventure of a dedicated vegetarian on her family's livestock raising farm. Appalachia.
Whirl'd Works Farm
The adventures and sometimes misadventures of a small homesteading hobby farm in Central Texas.
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