Sites listed in the Painting category each cover a variety of topics, such as painting styles, mediums, movements, history and artists of historical importance.

This category lists painting related sites appropriate for, and of interest to, children under the age of 18. All sites are either educational, reference oriented, or informational in nature.

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Destination Modern Art
[ Kids ] Interactive online gallery offers an educational tour of The Museum of Modern Art and the Contemporary Art Center. Learn about the artists, their techniques and try at home activities. [Flash 6 is required]
Garden of Praise - Children Long Ago
[ Kids ] Several paintings are presented with short stories discussing the paintings.
Inside Art: An Art History Game
[ Kids ] Online game, which explores painting, art history, elements, and principles.
Pigments Through the Ages
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] An introduction and history of colors. Includes symbolism and uses in early paintings.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides training in traditional skills for young artists and artisans around the world.
Scituate - Docent Art for Children
[ Kids ] An art appreciation program that shows various masterpieces and the artists who created them.
World Art Treasures
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Based on the Jacques-Edouard Berger collection of images of art objects and essays devoted to the main civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Japan, India, Europe.

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