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Before It's News
Allows reader contributions. Covering topics such as the unexplained, spirituality and self-sufficiency.
Worldwide news focusing on the underdog in categories such as viral, entertainment and technology. Also offers videos.
Dark Horse News
Articles cover science, entertainment and the unexplained. Includes submission forms for articles and tips.
The Event Chronicle
Offers a different perspective on current world events. Includes articles on the metaphysical, health and science.
Films for Action
Features videos and articles on subjects such as drug prohibition, animal rights and Indy media.
The Financial Armageddon
A blog with alternative takes on world events. Includes videos.
The Fox Gazette
World news selected at random. Categories include Australia, world, science and environment.
Hot Indie News
Articles written about topics such as entertainment, sports and technology. Also offers reviews on concerts, books, movies and restaurants.
Immortal News
Reports lesser known events from around the world on subjects such as health, science, entertainment, business, sports and technology.
New America Media
Multicultural news, features and information from ethnic media organizations promoting the development of a more inclusive journalism. Founded by Pacific News Service.
Personal Liberty
An independent look at world events, with sections on politics, homeland security and the 2nd amendment.
The Sleuth Journal
Reports on lesser known stories and the headlines. Includes a Conspiracy Corner.
Unknown Country
Articles on subjects such as UFOs and the climate and a section for the author Whitley Streiber. Includes a podcast.
Vision Times
Articles and videos from lesser reported stories from around the world.
The Watchers
Reports on Earth changes, severe and space weather and research. Also has archived material and a video gallery.
Who Died Today
A world-wide round-up of popular peoples' perishments.
Articles on world events, health, entertainment, science, technology and conspiracies.
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