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Letterboxing is a outdoor recreational activity which combines collecting, puzzle-solving, and treasure hunting. Briefly, letterboxing enthusiasts hide and hunt weatherproof containers in remote or scenic places. Each container holds a guestbook, a rubber stamp and stamp pad. The planter of the letterbox distributes clues to its location; solution of these clues may require a combination of skills such as mapreading, orienteering, and puzzle-solving. Letterboxers carry their own stamp book and personal stamp when hunting for hidden boxes. Upon finding a letterbox, they will impress their own book using the found stamp, and leave their own stamping or personalization in the letterbox guestbook. Letterboxing has its roots in Dartmoor, England, in 1854.
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Letterboxing North America
US-based portal offering FAQ, links, forums, and a members-only section where clues can be submitted.
Aisling Dart
Artist from Salem, Massachusetts describes her boxes.
Atlas Quest Letterboxing
Community with forums, searchable clues, trip planner, recording of finds, event listings, trackers, tutorials, photo galleries, and chat room.
Chowder's Southern California Letterboxes
Search for boxes in Long Beach, San Bernardino and Lake Arrowhead, California.
Chuck's Letterboxing
Chuck and Molly's letterboxes in Connecticut.
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection: Letterboxing
Official site supports letterboxing in publicly owned state forests. Includes clues and a map of letterbox sites in state forests.
Dartmoor Letterboxes Club
Includes information and a map, also with catalogue of letterboxes.
Dartmoor Letterboxing
Includes a forum, image gallery, map of the area, contact details, and the history of the activity.
First Finds
Posts first finds submitted by new US letterboxers, organized by state.
Fleur de Lis' Letterboxing Journal
Weblog about his letterboxing hobby.
History of Dartmoor Letterboxing
Account first published as "More Dartmoor Letterboxes" by Anne Swinscow in 1986.
I-95 Letterboxes
Clues to quick and easy letterboxes to find while traveling on Route I-95, from Maine to Florida.
Kansas Letterboxes
Clues for letterboxes located in Kansas.
Letterbox Stamper
Guide to compass use on Dartmoor, local photo gallery, design and carving rubber stamps, with examples and terms for sale by Paul Hopkinson, Devon, UK.
Letterboxers Anonymous
Forum with clues and discussion topics. Includes helpful hints on methods and supplies.
Letterboxing North America WebRing
Links to dozens of forums and clue sites.
The Mapsurfer Treasureboxes
Challenging letterbox clues by Randy Hall, the author of The Letterboxing Companion.
Mark and Sue Pepe
Couple from Kensington, Connecticut describe activities in eleven states and the island of Aruba.
NeeDeep's State Stamp Letterboxes
Ambitious family project placing letterboxes in each state, patterned after the US quarters series.
New England Area Letterboxing Gatherings
Mark and Sue's weblog of letterboxing events in New England.
New Zealand Letterboxing
Clues, views, and news including boxes from Team Psychokiwi, Judi, Linton, and the Bunny.
Rhode Island's Bored Nocturnal Adventurer's Guild
Informal group and clues to the boxes they've planted.
Wanda and Pete's Letterboxes
Clues for boxes placed primarily in Rhode Island, but a few in other states as well. Also includes logs of the movement of hitchhiker boxes, primarily in New England.
We Live and Breathe Letterboxing
Accounts, photographs, and memorabilia of the 2008 event as well as an online recreation of the letterboxing museum.
Yahoo! Groups: Letterboxing Northeast
Discussion group for the northeastern US.
Yahoo! Groups: Letterboxing USA
Discussion group for US letterboxers.
Yahoo! Groups: New Letterboxers Group
Discussion forum and articles for those new to letterboxing.
New Times: Carved in Rubber
Introductory article by Ashley Schwellenbach featuring a letterboxer and the founder of Atlas Quest. (June 17, 2009)
NPR : Letterboxing
Radio host Linda Wertheimer and Thomas Johnston, an enthusiast in Washington, D.C., find a letterbox near the White House. [audio] (April 10, 2004)
The Gazette: Letterboxing a Hobby of Inky Fingers and Hidden Treasures
Article on local letterboxing from chain of community newspapers near Washington, DC. (July 09, 2003)

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