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This category contains websites concerned with the science and technology of growing plants on an intensive or on a small scale basis, as opposed to the extensive cultivation of arable cultivation. It includes turf science, arboriculture, and nursery science.

Much related material regarding domestic gardens will be found in the related category Home: Gardening.
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The American Society for Horticultural Science
Promotes and encourages scientific research and education in horticulture within the United States and throughout the world. Publisher of HortScience, HortTechnology, and the Journal of ASHS.
Database interface that identifies suitable plants for a specified environment, for a defined use, or for a defined description.
Henry Doubleday Research Association.
The HDRA researches and promotes organic gardening in the UK.
The Horticultural Taxonomy Group
Gives the history of HORTAX, an association of taxonomists and horticulturists interested in the classification and nomenclature of cultivated plants, member information and links to the archives of HORTAX News.
Horticulture Resources
Information about the horticultural technology with links to the Journal of Applied Horticulture, and horticultural societies.
Institute Economics in Horticulture
German research institute based at Hanover University. Site in German and English.
Institute of Vegetables and Ornamental Crops
The Institute carries out basic and applied research supporting the sustainable production of vegetable and ornamental plants and the rational use of natural resources.
International Society for Horticultural Science
Includes general and specific scientific information, links to journals, events calendar.
Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course
Annual event sponsored by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation, with programs for professionals as well as home gardeners. Overview of workshops and speakers.
NC State Horticulture
Teaching, research, and outreach in horticulture, including basic biology, ecology, production and use of horticultural products.
NSW Department of Primary Industries: Horticulture
Australian government agency provides information on home and commercial horticulture of fruit, vegetable, and ornamental crops, with an extensive list of articles on many topics.
Peak Research
Carries out a wide range of efficacy and residue work on horticultural crops throughout the North Island of New Zealand, and offer off-season research for Northern Hemisphere companies.
Information on quality gardening and landscaping practice, especially with regard to pruning of shrubs and trees.
Searchable database of ornamental and fruit crops, offering photos and characteristics of a large number of plants traded in the Netherlands. English/Dutch/German.
Sydney Postharvest Laboratory
Serving the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, for matters including evaluation of postharvest technologies, storage and handling software, assistance with commercialization, patents, expert testimony, and cargo loss. Located in Sydney, Australia.
Technical Manual on Small-Scale Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
Examines the socioeconomic benefits and effects on rural development of small agroindustrial enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean. Used as a guide for the activities that the United Nations FAO carries out in these areas.
Traditional Pacific Island Crops
AgNIC guide to web resources. Includes information on cultivation, marketing, harvest, nutrition, recipes, and trade associations
Yosef Mizrahi's Homepage.
Biological and horticultural aspects of wild and rare fruit and nut trees of warm climates. Biology of cacti. Abnormally-ripening-fruit mutants.

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