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Physics of light.
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The Basics of Line Moiré Patterns and Optical Speedup
A brief introduction to periodical moiré patterns by Emin Gabrielyan.
European Optical Society
The EOS represents all national optical societies in Europe and its individual members.
Gamma FAQ
In video, computer graphics and image processing, gamma represents a numerical parameter that describes the nonlinearity of intensity reproduction.
The History of the Telescope and the Binocular
Collection of articles and images.
Laser Focus World
Provides news, videos and resources covering technology topics for imaging, lasers and light sources.
Light Bullet
Discusses the phenomena of "light bullets," intense stable spherical pulses of laser light travelling through certain bulk glass and gaseous media.
Reports the research in Karlsruhe on the fabrication and optical characterization of functional metallic nanostructures for optical frequencies.
National Center for Optics and Photonics Education
A center funded by NSF that provides support to community and technical colleges to develop and encourage optics, laser and photonics education.
On-line Optical Library
Provides a number of links to papers on the net for beginners and researchers.
The Optical Society
A professional society of optical engineers and scientists devoted to advancing the fields of optics and photonics.
Optics & Photonics Focus
Independent journal reviewing important recent developments in the fields of optics and photonics.
Optics Express
Electronic, peer-reviewed, journal. Provides free access to full text articles.
Online resource on optical, photonic, imaging, electronic, and optoelectronic technologies.
The Photonics Dictionary
Browse or search.
Photonics Jobs Inc.
Offers employment resources for photonics, optical, laser and MEMS industries.
Photonics Online
Daily news and product updates for professionals in the optoelectronics industry: manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, discussion forums, chat, newsletter and software.
Photonics news; Laurin Publishing.
A to Z of Optics
Plenty of information regarding optics. Latest news and events, books, careers, courses and products.

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