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Business Integration Softwares Ltd.
Specialists in analysis tools for surface science research, development, and manufacturing. Products include RHEED, LEED, AUGER, Labview and virtual surface science workstations.
CGG Chaos Gravitation Graphic
A physical simulation of a chaos system, influenced by gravity.
CM Labs Simulations
Offers real-time advanced physics software to help speed up prototyping and other simulations. Includes libraries to calculate rigid-body dynamics, collision detection, spring recreations and multiple-node joints.
CPC Program Library
Contains over 1800 refereed programs in computational physics and physical chemistry which are described in the journal Computer Physics Communications published by Elsevier Science.
EPICS Home (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System)
EPICS is a set of software tools and applications used worldwide to develop distributed control systems for scientific instruments such as a particle accelerators, telescopes and other large scientific experiments.
General Particle Tracer
3D particle tracer designed to simulate the movement of charged particles in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. The code is widely used for accelerator, beamline and FEL design.
It's a 3D realtime interactive gravity simulator, designed to simulate thousands of bodies (e.g stars, asteroids etc.).
Ionization Energy Loss
Calculate the energy loss of a charged particle by ionization (specific or integral) as it passes through many kinds of matter.
LTSpice Tutorial at Wilfrid Laurier University
This is an introductory tutorial on using LTSpice from Linear Technology for analog circuit simulation. It includes links to various other LTSpice tutorials and resources.
MaterialWorlds Simulations
Play and experiment with a growing range of virtual reality physics simulations - from a game of snooker through to the Solar System.
The Matrix
Free programs and references on mathematical physics and applied mathematics.
MCH Multimedia provides Physics software.
MCH Multimedia is a company of leading educators and scientists. MCH Multimedia plans help you learn Physical and Organic chemistry at low cost. Our online tutorial program includes chemistry online tutorial and online physics tutorials.
Software intended for the determination of a set of vectors for magnetic moments of magnetic structure from neutron diffraction data. The program works under Windows XP and the source code is available under GPL.
Phonon Software
Calculates the phonon dispersion relations and phonon density of states for any crystal from force constants, or from Hellmann-Feynman forces supplied by an ab initio program.
Photometry Applet
Enables a better understanding of the dependencies between the different photometric physical quantities, - Luminous Flux in Lumen, Illumination in Lux, Luminous Intensity in Candela and visualizes their individual impact.
Physics Simulation Page
A lot of physics simulation programs, sources of knowledge and animations generated by Maciej Matyka (maq/floppy).
Physics Software Links
Links to reviewed physics software and programs.
RadWare is a software package for interactive graphical analysis of gamma-ray coincidence data.
Saber - Synopsys
Software simulating physical effects in different engineering domains (hydraulic, electronic, mechanical, thermal, etc.) as well as signal-flow algorithms and software control.
Program for the simulation of backscattering spectra for ion beam analysis with MeV ions.
A Matlab toolbox for data simulation and analysis of signal and noises for gravitational antennae, developed at the Department of Physics of the "La Sapienza" university (Rome - Italy). It can be downloaded. The program is a support for the teaching of the Laboratory courses.
Spectral Data Processing Program
Free program designed for rapid processing of a spectral data presented in a form of multiple ASCII files. It performs normalization, eV to Angstrom conversion, calculation of moments, spikes removal etc.
Uncertainty Calculator
A Javascript calculator to do calculations with experimental uncertainties.
Special relativity simulator, including Doppler shifting, Lorentz transforms, optical aberration, and the headlight effect.
Wolfram Research
Creators of Wolfram Language, Wolfram|Alpha, Mathematica, Programming Cloud, Data Science Platform, Finance Platform, SystemModeler.
XPS Databases and Spectral Data Processing Software
Supplies databases of XPS spectra, spectra handbooks on CD-ROM, and software for processing AES or XPS data.

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