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"Science in Society" focuses on the interaction of science and technology with the broader society.  Potential topics include (but are not limited to) policy about science and technology, ethics in science and technology, representation of various societal groups in the scientific endeavor, applications of science in law, speculations about future science and technology, and the misuse (or proper use) of science in commerce and public discourse.

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American Physical Society Statements
Discussion on ethics and values, education, human rights, and national policy, from a physics perspective.
Belgian Biosafety Server
Focusing on scientific and regulatory aspects of biosafety, with regard to human activities carried out using pathogenic or genetically-modified organisms.
The Canadian Science and Innovation Indicators Consortium (CSIIC)
Researches bibliometrics and other quantitative measures of scientific work for use in public and private decision making. Scientists Popularizing Science
Collection of articles covering science, technology, and society. Includes stories on evolution, industrial chemicals, energy, and materials.
EMBL: Science and Society
This initiative at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory aims to promote a better understanding of the growing social and cultural relevance of the life sciences.
The Engines of Our Ingenuity
Transcripts of a radio program exploring technology and culture.
House Committee on Science and Technology
Information about the work of this committee of the US House of Representatives.
House Science and Technology Committee
The science committee in the 110th congress, chaired by Bart Gordon.
Hybrid Vigor Institute
Educational organization created to facilitate the exchange and cultivation of interest in interdisciplinary science research. Publications and details of forthcoming conferences.
IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
Addressing such issues as environmental, health and safety implications of technology, engineering ethics and professional responsibility.
This project by the British Science Museum and other museums brings together images and viewpoints to create insights into science and culture.
Institute for Regulatory Science
Seeks to ensure that the decisions of Congress, regulatory agencies, and the courts are based on the best available scientific information.
Institute of Science in Society
Membership organization in the UK, offering news articles, mailing lists, and membership information.
International Society for the Systems Sciences
Professional society for those interested in understanding and interacting systemically with reality. Emphasizing system-level approaches to evolution of and applications of science in society.
Negrotti, Massimo
Director of the Lab for the Culture of the Artificial, University of Urbino, Italy. Page includes books, research interests, music and photos.
The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society
A quarterly journal devoted to science and technology issues and their relation to social and political affairs
Panel on Public Affairs of the American Physical Society
in-depth studies on topics ranging from energy and environment to national security issues.
Resources on risk assessment and risk management in medicine, environment, and society at large.
Science Commons
An exploratory project to apply the philosophies and activities of Creative Commons in the realm of science. Science Commons works in three project areas: Publishing, Licensing, and Data.
Science For People
Essays, reviews, and other opinion pieces presenting scientific and science policy topics without the jargon.
Science in Society
The blog of Science and Society, Princeton University’s undergraduate journal of science, ethics and policy. Aims to inform citizens about the promises and challenges of science in the 21st century.
Sense About Science
A UK-based charitable trust to encourage an evidence-based approach to scientific and technological developments. Information and briefing documents about particular issues, along with details of how to get involved.
The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)
A scholarly association devoted to studying science, technology and society.
Stemistry is a creative writing and sci-art project for people interested in stem cell research and associated ethical issues
Voice of the Shuttle (VOS)
An annotated guide to online resources that respects the established humanities disciplines in their professional organization and points toward the transformation of those disciplines as they interact with the sciences and social sciences.
W3C Technology & Society Domain
Concentrating on issues that arise from applications of Web technology, and devoting significant resources to international public policy issues.
What's New by Bob Park
Newsletter covering science related to politics and policy, compiled by physics professor Bob Park. Includes a searchable archive going back to 1987.

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