Polyamory is the practice of having multiple, open, honest emotional and sexual relationships. This is a pretty broad umbrella, which covers relationship styles that vary from group marriage to those that look very much like "dating". Additional details of what you may expect to find and not find under this topic:
  • This section is not intended to cover swinging, which is generally perceived as a style of multiple sexual relationships rather than a style of multiple romantic relationships. For more information on swinging, see: Society: Sexuality: Activities and Practices: Swinging.
  • This section is not intended to cover affairs or 'cheating' either.
  • This section is not intended to cover group sex.
There is generally little overlap between the community that uses the term "polygamy" and the community that uses the term "polyamory". There is therefore a separate listing for polygamy under Alternative Lifestyles : Polygamy, although the actual dividing line is arguable.
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Extensive set of resources about polyamory, containing FAQs, essays, spots for personal ads, groups, and art.
Free Love is Free Expression
The title essay argues that Polyamory is about freedom of the body, based on the grounds that sex is a cause for celebration, not for shame.
Liberated Christians: Polyamory
Promotes nonmonogamy, polyamory or "swinging" as a legitimate choice for Christians and others. Special focus on the Christian aspect, and whether the Bible and non-monogamy are compatible.
Live The Dream
An education and support group for people in group marriages.
Loving More
A non-profit charitable organization, online community, and magazine dedicated to supporting and educating.
Poly MatchMaker
An online personals site for poly people. Requires registration (free).
A Polyamory Community
A LiveJournal community, for those who are interested in polyamory, to discuss the philosophy and practice of the polyamorous lovestyle.
The Polyamory Society
A nonprofit organization which promotes and supports the interest of individuals of multipartnered relationships and families.
Sacred Space Institute
SSI's intention is to 'create a context in which the arts of whole systems healing, sacred sexuality, polyamory, community development and new paradigm relating can be taught, developed, applied, given professional legitimacy, and disseminated internationally.'
Yahoo Groups: Polyamory
A place for the polyamorous community to meet and discuss poly issues.
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