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Sites about the Olympic Games in general, including the history of the Games.
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International Olympic Committee
[Official site] A variety of information involving the candidate and host cities, events, IOC policies, international sports federations, national Olympic committees, and Olympic museum. [Site in French and English]
A comprehensive review of the Olympic bid business. Contains news, information, glossary and an active forum.
History of Our Olympic Games
Some information and a brief history of modern and ancient games.
Infoplease Olympics
Historic results and statistics plus summaries of every Olympic Winter and Summer Games.
International Centre for Olympic Studies
Established at The University of Western Ontario in 1989. It has as its primary mission the generation of academic scholarship focused specifically upon the socio-cultural study of the Modern Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.
International Society of Olympic Historians
The purpose of the ISOH is to promote and study the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. Includes membership, constitution, links, and the Journal of Olympic History.
Comprehensive database of all Olympic program guides for summer and winter games. Includes images of each program and navigation to each day's events.
Olympic Games Medallists
Complete list of medallists in all sports at both Summer and Winter Olympic Games.
Olympic Games Museum
A virtual museum of statistics and items such as medals, diplomas, tickets, and posters.
Olympic Museum
A virtual visit of the permanent exhibits, a virtual gallery with Nagano ceremonies, a philatelic and numismatic exhibition, concerts and conferences, a research centre.
Olympic Television Archive Bureau
OTAB is a sporting film and television library, offering films and videos that chronicles the Olympic Games history. The new acquisitions, the archive, Olympic programming, information about services, and FAQs.
Olympic Truce
Describes the history of the concept of world peace through sports, description of the foundation and news items.
Olympics Through Time
Historical profile from prehistory through revival. Contains glossary, links and a comprehensive bibliography.
Science and the Olympics
Science and technology played a small role in the original Olympics, which prompted a brief truce in any wars the Greeks happened to be fighting. These days, science and technology play a dominant role in the quadrennial Games.
US Anti-Doping Agency
USADA, the independent agency, is responsible for managing the testing for U.S. Olympic, Pan Am, and Paralympic athletes, and for preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.
Wikipedia: Olympic Games
Encyclopedia article with history and current events.
World Anti-Doping Agency
Promotes, coordinates, and monitors at the international level the fight against doping in sports in all its forms.
Campaigning for the formal recognition of those who revived the Olympic Games in modern times. Offers a timeline of events and commentary on publications concerning the revival of the Olympics.

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