Adult News sites provide material that is updated frequently and contains current news and features that may be considered too risque for inclusion in a non-Adult News section of the directory. Some 'about' news may be equally valuable; this might include essays on current events or sites describing other news sources in detail. Common topics for Adult/News are: the adult entertainment industry, sex in the news, sex in pop culture and adult-oriented events in the news. This category also lists sub-categories for adult-oriented magazines (online and paper-based) and newspapers.
Please submit only sites containing news about events, industries or activities that most readers would consider to be of a prurient nature. News sites about sexuality in general or about sexual preference should be submitted to other sections of Adult or even to non-Adult sections of the directory.

News sites must be updated frequently to be considered for inclusion - at least once per week.

If a membership is required to view a site, you must include a temporary username and password.

Adult News sites that gather syndicated news from other adult news sources - but don't actually create or publish their articles. Google News would belong in this category if its main focus was the adult industry or sex.
This category contains web sites for adult magazines and magazine publishers ... you know, the kind that are printed on paper still, not the online variety.
Blogs in this subcategory are online publications that occasionally touch upon newsworthy topics for adult or about the adult industry, but mainly tout the galleries of adult membership sites. These blogs are clearly commercial in nature.