Sites related to the art of illustration. Includes illustrators' sites, portfolios, stock sources, historic illustration and other resources.
If you are an illustrator with a dominant style or specialty, please go into the subcategory that most closely matches it, and submit from there.

Your site should primarily be oriented towards illustration for use in publications, advertising or other media, rather than pure self-expression or consumer sales of artwork. Those sites should be placed in other categories, such as Visual Arts or Shopping/Fine Arts.

A caricature is a representation in which the subject's distinctive features are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect. This category lists sites belonging to caricaturists which showcase the artist's work.

Portfolios of caricaturists are listed in this category.

If your site focuses on sales rather than the artist or caricature works, it should be listed in the relevant category within Shopping, typically Shopping/Visual_Arts/Portraits_from_Photos .

If your site focuses on offering live entertainment, submit it to Business/Business_Services/Event_Planning_and_Production/Entertainment/ and the same category within the Regional branch that is relevant to your area.

Please take time to make sure the site you submit has a main focus of cartoons. If its more on the comics side, submit it to comics.
Portfolios of illustrators whose primary design style would be suited to and sought for use in the children's market.
Illustrators who specialize in creating graphic elements, such as logos, icons, creative letter illustrations, etc.
This category lists pages and sites that offer information about artists who contributed to the development of illustration art.
  • General contemporary artist sites MUST be submitted to the appropriate subcategories in the Visual_Arts category.
  • If a category exists for the artist your site is about, please submit it to that specific category. Otherwise, please submit it to the appropriate letter of the alphabet bar.
Includes exhibition spaces that show primarily works of illustration.

Please Read this Before Submitting Your Site

This category is for physical galleries (with a postal address) that exhibit primarily works of illustration. Virtual galleries should not be submitted here but to the most appropriate subcategory of Portfolios.

Commercial galleries with works for sale should not submit here but to Shopping.

Information on professional illustrators that provide samples of work.

Note: Sites must be in English. Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to World.

Graphic Designers with illustration services should not submit here but to Graphic Design.

For individual illustrators, please word your website title as Last Name, First Name (Example: Jones, Rachel) and submit to the letter of the alphabar that represents the first letter of your last name.

For studios, please show your website title as the name of your studio then submit to the letter of the alphabar that represents the first letter of your studio name.

Following these guidelines will help to prevent extensive delays in having your site reviewed.

Individual artists when submitting please include your surname and first name [e.g. Jones, David]. If you are offering primarily art for sale, please submit it to Shopping/Visual_Arts
Suggest sites here for associations, collectives or groups whose primary purpose is to advocate, support, disseminate information on, or in some way further the art form of illustration.
English language sites for associations, organizations, and societies specializing in some aspect of Illustration.
Illustrators specializing in fantasy and science-fiction themes, including horror, visionary art and other related genres.
Sites submitted should be for artists who specialize in providing illustrative art to accompany other material.

Please enter your submission title in the format: Lastname, Firstname [Middle Initial] [ - Real Site Title] where items in [brackets] are optional.

Other artists should submit to Arts: Visual Arts: Thematic: Science Fiction and Fantasy.

If your site primarily offers original works for sale, please submit it to Shopping: Visual Arts: Thematic: Science Fiction and Fantasy.

This category is for illustration that supports science, medicine or industry with techniques of realistic depiction and technical detail. This category should include mechanical, architectural and engineering illustration, medical, chemistry, botanical and other scientific descriptive work. CAD drafting and computer modeling/animation and other forms of architectural/engineering rendering, regardless of media, will be welcome here.
Sites depicting explicit sex or sexual nudity will not be accepted here. Those should be submitted to Adult/Arts/Illustration.
Information on artists who offer stock illustration for licensing or purchase.

If your website is primarily a portfolio of your illustration work and does not provide licensing information, please submit instead to Portfolios

If your site contains photographs or digitally-rendered art that is not considered illustration, do not submit here, but instead to Clip Art.