Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time. Elements of sound as used in music are pitch (including melody and harmony), rhythm (including tempo and meter), structure, and sonic qualities of timbre, articulation, dynamics, and texture. This category categorizes sites by musical style and instrument, as well as by topics such as bands and artists, composers, theory and history.
Please submit your site to the most specific subcategory that describes its primary focus, and do not submit to the main Music category. See Bands_and_Artists categories under individual styles in addition to the main Bands_and_Artists subcategory. Sites selling recordings should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Shopping/Music.
Sites devoted to ridiculing, mocking, satirizing, and ranting about music genres, bands, and artists.
If the site you are submitting is against a particular artist or genre, please submit it to an appropriate subcategory. If no category fits or if your site is against a variety of artists or genres, this is probably the category for you.

If your site is humorous but not an "anti" site, please submit it to the appropriate Arts/Music or Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists/ category.

If you are submitting a site about your own band, please submit it to the appropriate Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists/ category. Submitting it to this category will only slow down the processing of your site.

Composing and arranging music are loosely related, in that somebody sits down and writes out the music, but they are completely different concepts. Basically, composition is an act of bringing something into existence. Arranging is reinterpretation, expansion, or the movement of a piece of music into a different context. Music that has been copied from the original into a different instrumentation are considered transcriptions. This category is for general information about arranging. Make sure of the legality of your arrangements before marketing them.
For sites offering resources, lessons and information about arranging. Arranger and composers available for hire should submit here instead: Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Music/Composers_and_Arrangers/.
Here are the web sites of organizations that honor musicians for their talent and success. Preference is given to the official sites but others are welcome as well.
This category is for bands and artists. No sites are listed in this category; they are all listed in subcategories.
If a category exists for the band or artist your site is about, please submit it to that specific category. Otherwise, please submit it to the appropriate letter or digit category of the alphabet bar.

Sites in the main letter categories will be listed with the band or artist''s name as the site title. Individuals will be listed "Surname, First Name". Bands with an article will be listed as "Band, The".

Sites in this category contain information on the ranking of songs, albums, artists, and so on. Some examples would include Billboard, MTV Countdown, etc. Charts in this particular category should be global in nature: either a collection of charts for several different nations or a chart covering music worldwide.
You are submitting to the Music Charts category - this category is only for sites which contain information on the ranking of songs, albums, artists and so on. Other sites submitted to this category may be deleted without review.
Chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards that are about music.
What should be submitted here:
  • Working and active bulletin boards/forums about music that people can post to.
  • Active chat rooms about music that people can use.
  • Links directly to chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards.

What shouldn''t be posted here:

  • Chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards that are not about music.
  • Chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards that don''t work.
  • Chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards that are about specific artists.
  • E-zines or resources where the forum is only a small portion of the web site.
  • Chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards that requires registration to view posts.
Sites offering classified advertisements for musicians and music lovers.
Classified advertisements dealing with Music should be submitted here. Include Musicians available and Wanted as well as Sites where musicians can post ads here.

Businesses should be listed in Shopping/Music or Shopping/Entertainment/Recordings/Music or Business/Industries/Arts_and_Entertainment/Music

Instrument needed/for sale should go under the Instruments sub Category.

This category lists places to listen to music, whether it's by a live band or played by a DJ. Whenever it has a bar and a dance floor, it's likely to be listed here.
Please submit your site to a sub category unless your site has information pertaining to venues and clubs worldwide.

If you''re site is about a specific club or venue, then you should submit your site to the state or country category that it is located in. You will find links to those localities at the top of the page. Thank you.

Sites that contain information on tour schedules, annual concerts, or musical events should be sent to Arts/Music/Concerts_and_Events.

Also, if your site is in any other language but English, submit it to one of the World categories instead.

This category is for web sites about the hobby of music collecting as well as for Internet resources that would be useful for music collectors.
Please submit only sites about music collecting, or have useful information about musical recordings. Sites which offer recordings of more than one format (i.e. both CDs and vinyl records) for sale -- without any other information about music collecting -- should be submitted to Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Audio: Music while sites selling music memorabilia should be submitted to Shopping: Music: Related Merchandise.
Sites in this category are related in some way to the art (and sometimes science and business) of composing music.
Please make sure this is the correct place to submit your site. You should look around and make sure this is the best place for your site before submitting- If we think you''ve submitted your site to the wrong place, we will move it to the appropriate place when we have time. We won''t add it to the directory until we have found the right place.

Your site should go here if it is about composition. Look at the other sites listed here, and see if yours fits in. If it doesn''t, it probably belongs someplace else.

Thanks, Arts: Music: Composition editors.

Organizations and people (researchers, professionals, and hobbyists) who focus on computer music and want to present their recommendations, discoveries, or advice.
This category gets many mis-submissions. Check to see if your site should be submitted to one of the following.

Pages that are about sound hardware or software, computer generated sound in general, computer interfaces, controllers, audio codecs and information about computers as they relate to computer music and audio, are listed in Computers: Multimedia: Music and Audio

If you are a Band or Artist, you should submit to the appropriate category within Arts: Music: Bands and Artists

If you want only to showcase a computer music collection, you should submit to a category of Arts: Music: Sound_Files

This category is for one-time or reoccurring/annual concerts and musical events.
Please only send completed sites about music related concerts or events to this category.

Sites about Clubs or Venues should be submitted to Arts/Music/Clubs_and_Venues. Any such site will not be listed, so please do not submit them here.

Fan sites with tour schedules for a specific artist should be sent to that artist''s category in Bands and Artists.

Also, if your site is not in the English language, do not submit it here. Submit it to the appropriate subcategory within the main World category instead.

For categorized listings of sites about music. Directories relating to particular aspects of music may be listed in subcategories of Arts/Music or of this category itself.
This category lists directories. It is not a way of submitting your site to directories. Sites for bands or artists should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory at Arts: Music: Bands and Artists and not here.


For DJs, mixers and producers whose work is relevant at the national or international level, and whose site is in the English language.
Mobile DJs and mobile DJ services will NOT be listed in this category. Most DJs and all mobile DJs should be submitted instead to an Arts_and_Entertainment subcategory in the appropriate Regional category such as a locality or county. See DJs by Region. Sites in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate World category.
Sites for musical instruction techniques and methods are listed here, along with links to Regional categories where local music teachers may be found.
Please, only submit official sites for departments, conservatories or schools of Music in this category. Special, or more specific information, such as concerning a jazz workshop, individual class offerings or ensembles are better suited in categories dealing with that particular field of interest.
Sites about the history of music, including persons, works, and styles, are listed here.
This category is not for sites that cover a specific performer (see Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists) or a specific late-20th-century style (Arts/Music/Styles).

It is only for sites that contain online information or media. Retail sites should be listed under a Shopping category, and will not be accepted here.

For sites about specific instruments and their families. Subjects include musical range and tone, technical specifications, history, and instrument making, manufacture and repair.
For general sites pertaining to musical instruments and instrument-making. Sites for walk-in stores belong in the Regional category relevant to the store location(s).

Online retail shopping sites belong in the Shopping category. (/Shopping/Music/Instruments)

Sites that are not in English belong in the World category.

This category features sites that focus on song lyrics.
For sites offering lyrics by more than one artist or songwriter. If your site is artist or band specific please visit Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists and find the appropriate category. For genre specific websites there are sub categories available such as rock, country or jazz.
For music related to marching. Subcategories include military, school, and volunteer marching bands as well as drum corps and twirling.

If your site is not specifically geared towards this topic, please submit to the proper category.

Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

  1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
  2. When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.
Thank-you for your cooperation.
Resources for music used in motion pictures and the people behind it: film composers.
Please check to see if a category already exists for the site you are submitting. A good place to start is in Arts: Music: Composition: Composers.

If this person is not listed, please submit to the correct alphabetical category under Arts: Music: Composition: Composers, noting in the description provided this person''s connection to the film industry.

Musicology is a systematic study of music in all of its forms of appearance. Musicology exists as an academic discipline that studies primarily composed and notated music, and is taught in universities across the world. Musicology, as a discrete field of study, has its origins in an article by Guido Adler published in 1883 in Germany. It set out a manifesto for the systematic and analytic study of music, and many of the points and methods outlined by him continue to be the modus operandi for musicologists worldwide. One prominent discipline which grew out of traditional musicology is ethnomusicology, or the study of music as culture. Whereas musicology tends to study works of music that are notated on scores, the individuals and history that created such works, ethnomusicology studies the music of the world, as an act of cultural expression. Another offshoot discipline is popular music studies, which takes conventional musicology methods and applies them to modern popular music. Popular music studies also borrows methods from other academic disciplines such as critical theory, feminist discourses, and gender and media studies.
Please only submit English language sites that pertain to the academic discipline of Musicology. Non-English sites must be published in the World/ hierarchy.

Private music homepages (i.e., bands, promoters, clubs, fan clubs) should not be submitted to Arts/Music/Musicology.

This section contains websites relating to music videos, with a focus on promotional short-form videos, like the ones you may see on MTV or other music networks. The category is divided into many different subcategories - this particular category is for the miscellaneous websites that don't fit anywhere else.
When submitting URLs to Art: Music: Music Videos, please make sure the site meets at least one of the following consideration criteria:
  1. The site''s main subject is music videos;
  2. There is a substantial number of music videos on the site;
  3. The music videos content is original and has an unique value to visitors;
  4. The videos are closely related to music (example: music artists interviews, news, events, artist/music movies);
  5. The site offers rich and valuable information on music videos.

Do not submit:

  1. A site that is not related to any of the consideration criteria above;
  2. Artist, record label, or fan sites that don''t contain a large collection of viewable music videos;
  3. Sites that are listing a limitend number of links to external music videos and don''t have any original content;
  4. A site if many of the video links are broken.

If you have read the guidelines and the site you are submitting matches some of the consideration criteria, please submit it and we''ll be happy to review it for inclusion.

For the means of dissemination of information about music as opposed to the music itself. Includes timely coverage by media such as magazines, e-zines, newspapers, radio, and television, as well as non-recurring works such as books and movies. Note that both magazines and e-zines have a distinct subcategory: Arts/Music/News_and_Media/Magazines_and_E-zines
This category is _not_ for Web sites covering individual artists. Please submit individual artist sites to the appropriate sub-category under Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists/. Additionally, magazines and e-zines should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Arts/Music/News_and_Media/Magazines_and_E-zines
Associations, organizations, and societies specializing in some aspect of music. Most music organizations are non-profit in status, and all have regular meetings and / or conferences and a board of directors who oversee operations.
The vast majority of music organizations focus around a specialty that is already categorized by ODP. Thus, unless there is no suitable category concerning the specialty (i.e., collecting, folklore, musicology, choral societies), please do not submit sites directly to this category.

Music industry sites (i.e., touring, promotion, production, and talent agencies) belong in the appropriate subcategory of Business/Industries/Arts_and_Entertainment/Music .

And finally, please only submit sites in English. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate language in World.

A place to find composers, performers, historians, all the people associated with music.
Please submit to the appropriate subcategory rather than to this umbrella category.
Personal pages where the main focus is music. This category covers general pages that are too broad for any of the other Music categories. If you're not sure if you should submit to Personal Pages or another category please submit it to the other category and if it's decided too broad for that category we will send in to Personal Pages.
If your page is not in English, please do not submit your site here. Non-English sites belong in World/

This category serves as a routing point made of shortcuts to the various and numerous regionally-specific categories on the music in general at the Open Directory Project.
Listings for sites dealing with regionally-specific subjects should be submitted for review to appropriate, region-specific categories under Regional.
For sites offering comprehensive information about music, or reference information that doesn't fit into any single music subcategory. Includes references such as musical dictionaries and encyclopedias, and general guides to the subject. Also see subcategories for competitions, sheet music, and libraries and information centers.
This category for general sites that feature music reviews.
REVIEWS OF INDIVIDUAL CDs SHOULD NOT BE SUBMITTED HERE! They belong in the individual artist category.
Contests, online discussions, ezines, magazines, workshops, associations, and other resources for songwriters about the music business and the art, craft of songwriting.
For songwriters about the music business and the craft of songwriting.
This area is for web broadcasting stations (streaming) and sound file collections, full-length songs only, please.
If you offer short clips to promote sales of your recordings, those aren''t sound files, they''re advertisements, so please submit your site to the appropriate record label or Bands and Artist category.

Sites with roughly equal numbers of files in several formats usually end up in the main category, so please don''t submit to every category that you have file types for.

Sites with more of one file type than another usually go into the category for the predominant file type.

This category holds subcategories for various styles of music, as well as sites concerned with the way genres, types, and styles may be organized. Characterizing performers and performances by style makes the vast subject of music easier to discuss and understand. Styles may include genres such as classical, rock and jazz; subgenres such as classical/opera, rock/metal, and jazz/ragtime; and types of music such as choral, Native American, and holiday. Genres may be defined by technical aspects such as instrumentation, harmony, melody, rhythm, and form, or according to schemes devised by writers and critics. Music types may be defined by these criteria as well as others such as subject matter, chronology, or performance context, and may cut across genre lines.
Bands and Artists covering more than one style should be submitted to the appropriate letter in Arts: Music: Bands and Artists.

Online music stores should be submitted to the appropriate category in Shopping. Stores that cater to particular styles of music should be submitted to Music: Specialty or one of its subcategories.

Sites that deal more with the business side of music, particularly sites that are aimed more at music professionals than the general public, should be submitted to the appropriate category in Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Music.

For the ways in which technology and engineering support musical performance and recording, as well as means of musical expression arising directly from technological processes. Examples include amplifiers, audio processors, loudspeakers, mixing boards, MIDI controllers, samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, and analog and digital recorders as well as software supporting these and other devices.
Sites offering music theory, both specific and general, are listed here. Music theory is "a branch of study that includes many different methods for analyzing, classifying, and composing music and the elements of music." (You will find a good writeup of music theory at ) Music Theory is not Musicology. Musicology seeks answers questions for Who, What, Where, When and Why questions. Music Theory seeks answers for How.
Sites offering music theory, both specific and general, are listed here.

Music theory is "a branch of study that includes many different methods for analyzing, classifying, and composing music and the elements of music." "Music theory generally attempts to reduce the practice of composing and playing into rules and ideas."

Links for people interested in trading live recordings for various groups/artists. Sites about the trading of copyright commercial recordings or about the selling (not trading) of recordings do NOT belong in this category. Media may include analog tape, CD-R, MP3 files, or DAT.
Please submit only general sites about the hobby of tape trading (specifically for live, non-commercially released recordings), including such non-tape media as CD-R and MP3. Lists of recordings available for trade belong in the Lists subcategory, while information about recording and trading specific artists belong in the Bands and Artists subcategory. Sites about selling recordings belong over in a Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Music .
Dictionary definition of Vocal: "for or produced by the voice: the vocal organs, ie the tongue, lips etc. Speaking, singing and whistling are examples of vocal activities.
In the Vocal hierarchy please submit sites related to sounds for or produced by the voice: the vocal organs, ie the tongue, lips etc.

This includes (but is not retricted to) whistling and singing. Sites related to groups of singers (eg. choirs) should, however, be submitted to the Arts: Music: Styles: Choral hierarchy.

A music weblog (blog) is run by an individual (or a small group of individuals) and covers topical issues in and around music. Weblogs are updated regularly and disseminate both fact and opinion online. Weblogs are not constrained to a particular musical style or focus but offer simply writers' opinions on musical activities in a timely fashion.
The main focus of your blog should be about music. If it isn''t, you should submit it to Society/People/Personal_Homepages/Weblogs/. If your blog covers a single band, it probably belongs in Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists/ in the band''s category. If there are not regular updates to your site/blog please submit to Arts/Music/Personal_Pages/, where there is more flexibility in the timeliness of updates.
Find information, news, pictures, organizations, and personal pages about women in music. Also, explore sites about many women bands and artists.
If your site is about a specific band or artist, please submit it to the appropriate letter category under Bands and Artists.