Organizations and people (researchers, professionals, and hobbyists) who focus on computer music and want to present their recommendations, discoveries, or advice.
This category gets many mis-submissions. Check to see if your site should be submitted to one of the following.

Pages that are about sound hardware or software, computer generated sound in general, computer interfaces, controllers, audio codecs and information about computers as they relate to computer music and audio, are listed in Computers: Multimedia: Music and Audio

If you are a Band or Artist, you should submit to the appropriate category within Arts: Music: Bands and Artists

If you want only to showcase a computer music collection, you should submit to a category of Arts: Music: Sound_Files

Web sites for computer music organizations, ranging from private and commercial to educational.
Organizations should address general areas of computer music, consist of a significant number of members, be open for new members to join, and disseminate information for the advancement of computer music.
Personal sites that explain, perhaps with examples, various aspects of computer music, or feature unusual usages of computer music, for example, in an opera. Coverage of computer software and hardware employed is usually expected.
A personal page usually contains content from one person only. This category is for researchers, professionals, and hobbyists, to present their findings regarding computer music.

If you are an artist, you should submit to a category of Arts: Music: Bands and Artists. Other possibilities are Arts: Music: Personal Pages or Arts: Music: Sound Files: MOD: Bands and Artists

If you are showcasing a computer music archive (ie. MIDI or MOD tracks you have collected and have the rights to host), you should submit to a category of Arts: Music: Sound Files