This category is for one-time or reoccurring/annual concerts and musical events.
Please only send completed sites about music related concerts or events to this category.

Sites about Clubs or Venues should be submitted to Arts/Music/Clubs_and_Venues. Any such site will not be listed, so please do not submit them here.

Fan sites with tour schedules for a specific artist should be sent to that artist''s category in Bands and Artists.

Also, if your site is not in the English language, do not submit it here. Submit it to the appropriate subcategory within the main World category instead.

This category contains sites with information about a specific classical concert or event.
Please only submit sites about a Classical concert or event.

Sites about an orchestra or chamber ensemble should not be submitted here. Please send them to Arts/Music/Styles/Classical/Orchestras or Arts/Music/Styles/Classical/Chamber_Ensembles respectively.

Please refer to Arts/Music/Styles/Classical for more Classical categories.

This category is for one-time or reoccurring/annual Country concerts and musical events.
This category lists music festivals - events featuring musicians on stage and a variety of other festivities on site.
Please only submit music related festivals to this category.
This category is open to sites which are publicizing upcoming Folk Concerts and Musical Events.
Guides and calendar listings to different concerts, festivals, and gigs around the world.
Music-related sites containing archived/live streaming events or concert footage.
This category lists non-profit organizations that are devoted to presenting, educating, or promoting talented musicians. Other organizations and clubs not of a business or governmental nature are also listed here.