This category is for information on anything about television and the television medium.
Before submitting any sites to this category, please take the time to browse through the subcategories to make sure your site is included in the appropriate category.

If your site is not in English, please submit it to the proper category in World.

Listing for award presentation programs on cable and network television.
This is a category for award presentation programs (or ceremonies) on cable and network television, such as the Emmy Awards, the Cable Ace Awards, and other programs of that nature.

The fact that your website or you personally have received some sort of award is not a valid reason for submitting it here. This also applies to any sites for award-winning individuals (actors, directors, producers, writers, etc.), TV shows (including programs and movies), production companies, and studios.

Chat rooms, mailing lists, message boards or other means of discussing a variety of television topics and/or shows.
Please submit only sites primarily featuring chat rooms, mailing lists, message boards or other means of discussing television topics and/or shows. Forums dedicated to the discussion of a single show should not be submitted to this category - please submit them instead to the show''s subcategory under Arts/Television/Programs.
Closed captioning is the process of adding textual information to programs to make them accessible to individuals who can't hear or translate the audio portion. Most closed captioning services are available only to viewers who subscribe to them, which is why they're called "closed."
Please submit only sites with content related to closed captioning for television, as opposed to captioning for Internet media, DVDs, or theatrical films.
Primarily sites about television commercials, advertising characters from television commercials, fan sites for specific TV campaigns, and collections of commercial video clips.
Please aubmit only sites focused on commercials, characters, ad campaigns, and/or collections of media clips from commercials.

Sites for advertising production companies will not be listed here and should be submitted to Business/Arts and Entertainment/Media Production/Television/Commercials.


DVD has revolutionized the field of home video, bringing television shows and special features to the mass market, and preserving programs that are no longer on the air at a higher quality level than is possible with most home video recorders.
Please submit only sites that focus on television shows recorded on DVD. Sites that focus on DVDs of feature films should be submitted to Arts/Movies/Home Video/DVD. Online stores and other sites for the sale of discs, players and recorders will not be listed here. All such sites should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory in Shopping, such as Shopping/Entertainment/Recordings/Video/DVD or Shopping/Consumer Electronics/DVD Players.
Television guides provide guidance for viewers in the form of commentary, reviews, and recommendations.
This category is for sites that include guides for more than one television show. A guide for a single show should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Arts: Television: Programs.

If your site only contains episode summaries please submit to Arts: Television: Episode Guides.

From its origins in experiments with mechanical rotating discs to its modern takeover of the world, television has been considered to be many things, but never uninteresting. Sites listed in this category are dedicated to the history of television, presentation, programmes and the technical achievements of the medium.
Do not submit sites with pictures ''borrowed'' from other sites to this category.

Do not submit sites that are under construction.

Do not submit sites with no content.

Broadcast and broadband based entertainment and information systems that integrates with streamed content. The group focuses on 'lean back' media mostly.
No internet TV sites please. Submit these to:

Computers: Internet: Broadcasting

Listings for television memorabilia sites with a non-commercial collector's focus.
Do not suggest a site here unless it is a collector's site with a non-commercial focus. Otherwise, please suggest it to the TV/Movies Related Merchandise category.

A Television Network is a distribution network for television content whereby a central operation provides programming for many television stations.

Sites listed in here will offer information on Television Networks. The information must be available in English. If it is not, please suggest the site to the most appropriate World category based on the language(s) of the site. Sites providing information about affiliates of these Networks belong in the Television Station category.

Television news is often a major undertaking involving hundreds of people. For most television networks, their own in-house news division handles the production of the network's news programs. This category lists the English-speaking news divisions of national-level television networks around the world.
Please submit sites offering production services to and satellite services to Arts/Television/Satellite.

Entertainment news belongs under Arts/Entertainment/Publications_and_Media.

Non-English language sites are not accepted here and should be submitted to World.

Arts: Television: People lists only those directors, writers, announcers, and hosts related to television programs. Actor and actresses for television shows are listed in the appropriate letter category in Arts: Performing Arts: Acting: Actors and Actresses.
Please use the appropriate sub-category for a director, writer, host, or announcer of a television show.

If the person is an actor or actress please submit the link to the appropriate category in Arts: Performing_Arts: Acting: Actors_and_Actresses.

Arts: Television: Programs is designed for commercial and fan sites related to specific television shows.
Please submit only sites devoted to more than one program to Arts: Television: Programs. Sites concentrating on a single program should be submitted to the appropriate Genre subcategory.

To avoid delay in listing, please review prior to submission.

  • Please submit websites once to the most relevant category in the directory.
  • Submit your site using your main url. Do not submit a redirect URL for your site; use your actual URL. Do not submit vanity urls.
  • Use your site''s actual title.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content). Do not use marketing verbiage or first person verbiage (we, our, us) in the description. Do not use hype.
  • Sites under construction will not be listed. Do not submit sites with broken links or missing content.
  • Affiliate sites, multiple URL''s for the same organization and mirror sites will not be listed.
  • All listed sites are periodically reviewed. .
  • The ODP reserves the right to alter or replace a proposed description at any time at its sole discretion and editorial judgment.

    Production, programming, and distribution of television that is available exclusively via satellite.
    Please submit only sites with content related to production, programming, and distribution of television available exclusively via satellite.

    Sites with content focused on sales of satellite television dishes, receivers, and systems, as well as related parts, hardware, software, accessories, and/or services, including repair, installation and programming or reprogramming, should be submitted to Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Digital_Satellite.

    Sites for companies that provide sales and services related to satellite television, such as systems and installation, should be submitted to Business/Telecommunications/Wireless/Equipment/Satellite.

    Sites with content in languages other than English should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of World.

    Affiliate sites whose primary focus is the sale or distribution of equipment and/or services for satellite broadcasters (including, but not necessarily limited to DirecTV, DishNetwork and DirecWay affiliates) will not be listed in this category.

    This category is devoted to television schedules and programming information.
    Site pertaining to television schedules or programming information should be submitted here.

    Sites about a specific network''s schedule only should be submitted in the proper category in Arts: Television: Networks. Site about a specific shows schedule should be submitted in the proper category in Arts: Television: Programs.

    A television station broadcasts both audio and video to television receivers in a particular area. Many stations are distributed and affiliated with a particular Network i.e. NBC, PBS, etc.

    Site listed here include independent and network affiliated television broadcast stations. Please locate the appropriate geographical subcategory that best describes the location and broadcast area for the station.

    Almost every television show has one. In fact, some have more than one! Here is where we pay homage to those catchy little tunes and lyrics that you find yourself humming all day long.
    Please only submit sites to this category that are mainly ''theme song oriented''.

    For example: A site with a collection of downloadable theme songs, or lyrics would be suitable for submission. Whereas, a page about Knight Rider, containing only it''s theme would not be suitable. A much better category for that would be: /Arts/Television/Programs/Science_Fiction/Knight_Rider/

    Sites that facilitate exchanging recordings of series or episodes, either on tape or computer disc. Traders usually are fans of the show who exchange copies to complete their own collection, rather than selling them for profit.
    Please submit only sites primarily devoted to trading recordings of more than one television program. Sites dedicated to trading recordings of a single program should be submitted to the program''s subcategory under Arts/Television/Programs.

    Sites where tapes and discs are sold for profit should be submitted to Shopping/Entertainment/Recordings/Video.

    Trivia site that are focused on television.
    Please only submit sites that are focused on trivia for the television medium here.