Music-related series seen on television.
Please submit only sites that are actual television programs that are seen on television.
Sites on the boyband 2gether, and the members of the group
Syndicated series featuring music artists with backstage antics, interviews, and live concert footage.
Features stories of bands on their way to successs.
PBS show running since 1976.
One-hour episodes featuring exclusive performances of blues' greatest stars in concert and in conversation.
* Weekly hour of live action blues music and interview of local and national musicians. Site contains still, video and audio clips of artists who have performed on the show.
Chart show that features live bands, videos, and celebrity interviews. The series first aired in 1998.
Sites talking about music programs, seen in the USA.
Country music video countdown series hosted by Katie Cook. The show first aired in 2001.
Paramount Television's half-hour daily dance and music series. Premiered on August 30, 2004 on a selected number of stations.
Aired in the late 1970s, the show focused on disco music, disco dancing, and disco dance instruction.
Vocal talent search series airing in various cities, including Lima, Dayton, Toledo, Ft. Wayne, and Mansfield.
Live broadcasts of the Boston Pops concerts. The series first aired in 1970.
Alternative music video show from Chicago.
The classic ABC / syndicated music series with host Lawrence Welk and his regulars of singers and dancers.
Sites only relating to the 1955 - 1982 series and its original stars will be added in this category.
Sites on the public television series, "Legends of Jazz."
Performances from the famous auditorium. The series first aired in 1976.
MTV series.
CNN music series.
South Asian infotainment series.
USA Network series following contestants competing to be the final winner.
Only completed sites about the TV show will be added here.
Music series that ran in the 80's on USA Network and later on TBS Superstation.
Only COMPLETED sites about the series will be added here.
The WB concert series featuring top recording artists.
Only COMPLETED sites about proposed music programs that have no distributor or network pickup at this time. As soon as a program is scheduled, the listing will be moved to an appropriate category.
This category lists future, proposed music programs that are being developed.
BET music series.
San Francisco-based late-nite music series.
Music series seen on Fuse.
Hosted by Byron James, country acts, videos, fashion, and events targeted towards a new country audience.
MTV series.
Nationally syndicated TV series.
Music spinoff series from "Sidewalks Entertainment."
Nationally syndicated music TV series.
VH1 series.
Pop music and dance with an African-American focus. The series first aired in 1971.
Live music digitally recorded in front of a small audience.
Gospel music series.
MTV2 music series.
Music series and on-line magazine.
PBS series seen throughout the country.
Show dedicated to promoting unsigned artists from across Pennsylvania and beyond.
TV show that caters to underground music genres not currently offered by mainstream music television through videos, interviews, live performances and music reviews.
Celebrity look-alike singers compete for cash and prizes. The series first aired in 1999.