The Job Search category provides listings of employment sites, job portals, and sites which provide Job Seekers with information which specifically relates to finding a job, as opposed to career related information or resumes. The Job Search category is broken down into: Entry Level and Internships, Industries, Interview Advice, Job Fairs, Seasonal, and World-wide. Closely linked are the Recruiters and Executive Search categories which list search firms that do not specialize in one type of job or one type of industry. For industry specific search firms look in the category for the specific industry. (e.g. Business: Industries: Information Technology: Employment: Recruiters)
Please do not submit individual resumes.
Internships represent a great way for students and recent graduates to gain important work experience. Internships can provide interns with useful skills and insight that will prove helpful for their future careers. Sites in this category list internship openings and provide information to those seeking for internships.
Please do not submit individual resumes.
Listing of sites which provide advice about how to write a resume, submit a resume or create a cover letter.
Please submit sites that provide resume writing advice.
Employment sites offering seasonal job offers. Sites listed here will have job openings of interest to students and seasonal workers looking for a summer job. Sites also may focus on winter positions in ski areas and warm weather destination resorts.
Please submit sites dealing specifically with seasonal jobs. Other job sites should be submitted in another category within the Business: Employment: Job Search category. When describing your site be brief and clear. Thank you for your submittal.
Sites offering job search information world-wide, or in a large variety of countries or regions are listed here. This category is not for sites about specific countries or regions, as these should be listed in the appropriate category under Regional.
If your site is about a specific country or region, please do not send it here. Instead, find the appropriate employment category under Regional and submit your site there.