Human Resources covers a range of topics, all dealing with the "People" aspects of running a business. HR has 2 major components HRM (management of people) and HRD (learning and development for staff). Typically larger companies have their own HR department but may buy in specific services from a specialist firm. Smaller companies may opt to have all their HR managed by an external HR company. Business/Human_Resources contains sites for companies specializing in Human Resource services. This may be as an HR service provider to other companies or as a provider of advice/resources/consultancy to HR departments. It has been divided into several subcategories for companies specializing in a particular aspect of HR. Those offering a more general service can be found at the top level.
Please submit sites for firms offering HR services in the UK to:


This subcategory contains information pertaining to employee compensation and benefits. This includes wages, medical insurance, leave plans, retirement plans, 401(k)plans, cafeteria plans and other related information.
Businesses that are devoted to the training or education of the human resources industry.

Please also see .

Businesses that are devoted to the training or education of the human resources industry.

Please also see .

Information and consulting resources on how to maximize employee relations. For additional information on potential and current conflict issues - see the conflict resolution sub-category

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

Sites providing employment resources for professionals in the human resources field.
Please submit only sites providing information on employment for the Human Resource professional.
This subcategory contains links to international, federal, state and local governments that are useful to Human Resources professionals.
This category comprises web sites about Marketing and Advertising businesses and individuals specifically serving HR Departments or Human Resources businesses.
This category is for companies that provide either an outplacement service, or outplacement resources to other companies. Companies providing job search, or career advice should be directed to an appropriate category of Business:Employment:JobSearch.
Please submit only sites dealing with the Outplacement Industry in this category. Sites or companies providing recruiting services should be listed under Business: Jobs.

General information about career searches, counseling, resumes, etc. should be listed under another category. Check the category listing to find a more appropriate area.

Sites that provide outsourcing services related to human resources.
Sites that provide outsourcing services related to human resources.
This category is for companies that provide tools, consulting, or advice on recruitment and retention matters.
~~ Companies involved with testing/evaluation/selection of job seekers or employees, please submit your site to one of the following three categories:

1) Computers: Software: Human Resources: Testing and Evaluation 2) Employment: Careers: Skill and Personality Assessment 3) Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Personality: Tests

~~ Companies providing a recruitment or executive search service should submit their sites to an appropriate sub-category of Business: Employment (for example: Executive Search, Recruiters, or Staffing Services).

This category contains employment law related information and reference information useful to the HR practitioner or student.
Sites submitted to this subcategory should contain a significant amount of substantive, free information relating to human resource topics. Do not submit your site to this category if you are only selling a product or service.
The Training and Safety section contains information relating to employee training and organizational safety issues that are related to the practice of Human Resources.