The Industrial Goods and Services category includes sites covering the following types of industries:

  • Producers and supplies of the materials, substances, components, machinery and other industrial technology used in manufacturing goods.
  • Producers and suppliers of industrial goods used by manufacturers (e.g. Industrial Supply).
  • Engineering and consulting services for manufacturing and allied industries.
  • Information resources on diversified manufacturing and allied industries.
Please submit the legal or exact name of the association as the title of the site. Do not include the association name in the description. Individual companies and professional associations should submit to a more appropriate category. Non-english sites should submit to the appropriate category under World.
This category is for industrial manufacturing associations. An association in this category is an organized body of manufacturing company representatives who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common.
Please submit the legal or exact name of the association as the title of the site. Do not include the association name in the description. Individual companies and professional associations should submit to a more appropriate category. Non-english sites should submit to the appropriate category under World.
This main section is mainly for full line distributors of wire and cable products and accessories.
This main section is mainly for full line distributors of wire and cable products and accessories. All others should go in the sub-category that matches your product. If you sell several types, choose the most important one.
Organizations providing independent testing, laboratory, calibration, and instrument repair services.
This category does not focus on sites related to providing calibration services, testing services or any other related service.
This category covers sites related to producing a multiplicity of standard and custom parts and components for a diversity of end users, usually (although not always necessarily) on a subcontracted basis. It includes associated supply and support companies and runs the gamut of providing castings through to the application of various finishes to end products. In effect, the essential feature is the use of machinery, rather than the manufacture of the equipment itself. Thus a lathe user can belong here, whereas the lathe manufacturer will be found -- and should be directed to -- a more logical Machinery and Tools category. Note: Companies indexed in the main category should offer either multiple or somewhat unique manufacturing capabilities. Otherwise, sites are distributed among a number of subcategories, each indicating a particular type of machining activity. Additional note: Just as lathe manufacturers aren't indexed in this category, so companies that manufacture end products from start to finish themselves are, more than likely, better directed elsewhere. Obvious examples would be appliance manufacturers and car makers, who each have categories of their own and, at best, merely -- somewhere along the way -- use the services and parts provided by the firms whose sites are listed within this Casting, Molding, Machining category.
You should only submit one page (usually the homepage). Multiple submissions for the same site will not be allowed and are frowned upon.

The Industrial Goods and Services Consultants category includes companies that provide operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations in areas of manufacturing operations improvement, production planning and control.

Consulting services focused on specific industry sectors are listed in categories corresponding to those sectors (e.g. consultants focused on Automotive manufacturing operations).


This category is a combination of informational sites and company listings for most major Engineering fields. (No companies are listed directly under Engineering, but are listed in their most appropriate subcategories of Engineering).

This category is for companies that provide CAD (Computer Aided Design) services. Your web site must explain those service specialties, not products that your company manufactures or CAD software that you also sell. CAD services must be your "primary" business and this must be reflected in the web site.

This category is not the place to list web sites about CAD software. Please submit them to the appropriate subcategory of Computers: CAD and CAM instead.

For best results, please look at the listings in this category and read the Business description page for instructions on how to correctly fill out the Submission Form.

The manufacturers of products used to automate Factories and continuous flow processes including the integrators of automated material handling systems.
Equipment used in communications at automated manufacturing facilities, and the network protocols that enable commonality among makers of devices and software used for communications purposes.
This category is for companies manufacturing or supplying equipment and services specifically aimed at providing for applications that require the control, regulation, and safe operation of fluid flows.
Please add valves, hoses, and fittings sites for fluid handling equipment to the /Valves, Hoses, Fittings category and sites for fluid power (hydraulic and pneumatic) to the /Fluid Power Components category. Please suggest the site directly to one of these subcategories, because it will be so placed in any case.

The Industrial Supply category includes sites related to:

  • Supplies of materials, components and spare parts.
  • Supplies of machinery, equipment, tools for use in other industries, such as in refining, fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Please note that the construction industry has its own category tree at Business: Construction and Maintenance: Materials and Supplies.

Please observe the following before suggesting a site:

  • Please ensure you have read the general Business tree guidelines.
  • Where the main activity of the business relates to one type or group of materials or equipment, the site should be suggested to that sub-category.
  • Sites related to equipment or services designed for one specific industry should be suggested to an appropriate industry sub-category.
  • Only sites with English language content may be listed here.  Non-English sites should be suggested to the appropriate World category branch.
This category serves as a collection point for a host of sites put together by individuals, companies, and organizations that make, sell, service, or are otherwise concerned with the machinery, equipment, tooling, accessories, and consumables used by a wide range of industrial manufacturers. The category breaks the sites into groups that relate to either a main type of equipment or a particular field of industrial operation. Many of these groups are further broken down into subcategories that each assemble sites that have something in common with one another. An important point about all the sites is their focus on the equipment used in manufacturing an end product or achieving an end result. This is quite different from concern about the raw material involved in the manufacturing process. Sites of that sort belong in the relevant Resources industry categories. Note: Although over 5000 sites are distributed among the numerous subcategories that make up this Machinery and Tools section of the Open Directory, a relatively small percentage of them are indexed in five "above the line" categories: Associations, Directories, Employment, Technical Services, and Used Machinery. The focus in each case is on a general or all encompassing application to users of machinery and tools rather than on a narrower relationship to a specific industry or manufacturing process. Additional note: Several dozen sites are indexed, too, below the list of subcategories on this page. They represent companies that feature a diversified or out-of-the-ordinary range of products or services and are therefore difficult -- if not impossible -- to include elsewhere. A few of them do, at first glance, appear to have a relationship to a given subcategory, but the diversification of their interests and activities suggests that they are more justifiably listed under this "catch-all" heading.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

Online magazines, newsletters as well as websites from traditional journals with industry related content. Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site.
Anyone submitting a site to this category must follow the following requirement and procedures.

Sites will only be listed in this section, if they are related to news or publications and industrial products or services.

Types of listings that will not be accepted in this category are:

  1. Any sites which contains adult content, nudity, or is illegal (i.e. warez). Adult content is to be restricted to the adult area of Dmoz.
  2. Duplicate entries will not be listed. This includes multiple domain names for the same item, redirects, multiple page urls, etc.
  3. Submit non-English sites to the appropriate category under World.
  4. Do not submit sites "under construction." Wait until a site is complete before submitting it.

Basic submission guidelines

  1. The url should be to your sites main page.

  2. The title is to be the name of your business, NOT the name of the product, unless they are the same. The title may not be in all capital letters or contain any "hype" type phrases.

  3. The description should be about the companys functions and general information only. It should not contain phrases that are considered promotional or hype such as: the best, the ultimate, does everything, great, etc. The description also should not repeat the company name, or product name. You may add features found on your site such as reports, articles, product listing, etc. You may also list where your company is.

  4. The description must be in English and the site must also be available in English. If not, please submit to World.

  5. Submit to only ONE category. Submit to the best category possible. If you cannot find the proper category in Business, first look elsewhere in the ODP. If you still cannot locate an appropriate category, submit the site to the best category possible.

This category is for listing COMPANIES, so please submit company sites, not product sites. The title of your site should reflect your company name, nothing more. Note that this is for companies who sell or resell high technology, high precision, optical equipment, such as precision lenses, mirrors, detection or imaging equipment, and prisms. Laser entertainment (such as light shows) does not belong in this category. It belongs in a business or entertainment category. Companies selling low-tech products which can be purchased at a local general store probably is not appropriate for this category. This would include small He-Ne lasers for use as laser pointers, 3-D glasses, and light bulbs. A business category would be best in that case.
Companies included: Please submit companies that manufacture and design coatings for precision or opthamalic optics.

Title: As your listing''s Title, please submit the exact name of your company including words such as Corp, Inc, Gmbh, LLC, or Ltd, but excluding slogans.

Description: For your Description, include a brief statement of what services or coatings you provide. You may highlight features that differentiate your shop from others; if you specialize in large optics, if you are ISO9001, if you are a large firm with many many coating chambers, if you supply stock items, if you emphasize crystals.

Keywords: Do not overuse keywords listing your target market (since we are basically all after the same customers in the same markets in the same countries). Any thin-film capable company does AR and reflection coatings -- don''t include such things. Only include markets you are specifically set up for. For example, if you happen to have security clearances, then list defense.

Example: An appropriate Description would look like this: "Provides thin film optical coatings. Specializes in coatings for lighting applications. Texas."

Packaging companies Packaging equipment companies Packaging research firms Engineering pertaining to packaging
General manufacturing services.
Categories for many manufacturing services are found elsewhere in ODP. Please do a search before submitting to Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Services. Some relevant categories which may be suitable for your site are:

Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Casting,_Molding,_Machining/Machine_Shops/ Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Casting,_Molding,_Machining/Plating_and_Metal_Finishing/ Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Casting,_Molding,_Machining/Surface_Treating/ Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Factory_Automation/Integrators/ Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Fluid_and_Gas_Control/ Business/Industries/Construction_and_Maintenance/Consulting/ Business/Industries/Engineering/ Business/Industries/Import_and_Export/Agents/