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Any investment related site may apply for placement here. Check subdirectories: Brokerages, Chats and Forums, Commodities, Companies, Day Trading, Games, International, Investment Guides, Managed futures, Mutual Funds, Options, Organizations, Publications, Retirement Planning, Socially Responsible, Software, Stocks, and so on. Please do not submit your site to more than one category. Please do not try to use different URL's to receive more than one listing.

If you have a site pertaining to venture capital, please submit it to Business: Financial Services: Venture Capital.

NOTICE: Please select the proper sub-category for your site. If your site is regional in nature it MUST be submitted to Regional. Only one listing will be allowed, so please select your category carefully. Submission of sites using separate URL's is strictly forbidden and is grounds for having those sites excluded from Curlie.
This category contains websites of international associations in the finance or investing industry. Typically these associations are fora in which common standards and legal agreements are composed, and in which prices sources and their backups specified.
Please submit websites of international associations in the finance or investing industry.

Do not submit websites of investment clubs, non-investing non-finance entities, or geographically specific entities.

An organisation promoting business links between two regions (such something like a Gibraltar-Picairn Business Association) should be submitted to the equivalent of Regional/Europe/Gibraltar/Business_and_Economy/ and Regional/Oceania/Pitcairn_Islands/Business_and_Economy/

Brokerage firms that offer services to the public for trading stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds as well as speculative instruments. Such firms usually charge a commission for carrying out the purchase, sale, trade or disposition of securities or other assets for which they are licensed.
This category is for message boards and chats that are about brokerages, trading and related issues.
Online discussions, and investment chats and message boards.
This category is for message boards and chats that are about general aspects of investing relations.
In some financial markets there are Clearing Houses. These act as central counterparties, and thus reduce or eliminate settlement risk, and often allow netting of transactions.
Please submit sites of clearing houses. Stock exchanges should be listed at and futures exchanges at,_Futures/Exchanges/ .
Websites about commodities, futures, derivatives, and options on futures. Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site. The futures markets evolved because of the necessity to control price fluctuations, large differences between supply and demand, and to minimize price risk to producers and merchandisers. The commodity exchanges bring buyers and sellers together so they can agree on a price. This is done by open out cry, and computerized trading. Bid/Ask information is readily accessible so prices are better able to reflect realistic economic conditions.
English-language websites only.
Day trading has seen rapid growth in the past few years, especially online day trading. See sites with revolutionary ideas in the online day trading field.
This category is for information about Day Trading including message boards and chats that are about all aspects of day trading.
Derivatives are financial instruments, such as futures and options, which derive their value from underlying securities including bonds, bills, currencies, and equities. This category lists businesses and services related primarily to investing in derivatives.
This category should contain brokerage firms that specialize in derivatives.
This category shall include websites whose primary content is related to education and training specific to the topic of investing (not general business topics). Suitable websites would include commercial and non-commercial sites where the majority of the content is related to investment education and training, including educational articles, glossaries, books and videos, both online and offline training courses and seminars, and investing simulation resources. This category shall focus primarily on education and training pertaining to investing or trading in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other “paper” assets.
Only submit sites which focus primarily on education and training pertaining to investing or trading in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other “paper” assets.
This category refers to collective investment vehicles. For business-funding services, please visit Business/Financial_Services/Investment_Services/
Please submit only sites in English that comply with the Category Description. Sites written in other languages should be submitted to an appropriate category of the World branch instead. Sites that are meant for users in a particular region belong to the Regional branch. If they appeal to global users but correspond to a region, we recommend you submit them to both this and a regional category. For sites that cover specific kinds of funds (mutual, hedge or ETFs and CEFs) please use the especial subcategories that we provide.
Simulated Investment training sites as well as investing games one can play.
Sites aimed at instructing, teaching, offering extensive reviews and/or critiques of investing. Includes "How to" invest.
Please submit English language sites in this category. Non-English sites should be submitted to the World categories for review.

Also, please try to identify an appropriate subcategory that might suit your website.

Following these guidelines will help speed up reviews of all sites. Thank you.

Humor and jokes about investing.
A Money Manager firm is paid a fee to supervise and make the investment decisions of others. The term is normally used in reference to the asset manager of large institutions such as bank trust departments, pension funds, insurance companies and mutual funds. However, it may also be applied to those firms who manage the investment assets of smaller individual investors as well. Money Mangers may also be known as Investment Managers, Investment Advisers, or Investment Advisors.
This category is for companies, not individual''s. Individual representatives should submit to their proper location in Regional subcategories.
Investment news services or resources with a significant portion of investment news.
Information on Investing in Real Estate.

Sites not listed in this category:

This topic is used to help would-be investors learn how to invest in land, houses, condominiums, etc. It is NOT designed to be a listing service for individual property listings. Please use care when submitting to find the most appropriate sub-category for your particular website. Following these guidelines will help speed the editorial review process. Thanks.
This category is for Internet sites specializing in current stock market prices and or historical data. If your site is an affiliate or offers a wide range of services please consider a more general category under Business: Investing
Business: Investing: Resources:
If your club web site is private please include an Email address for potential new members to contact the group.
Businesses which sell retirement planning services or products to individuals. 'Get Rich Quick' or 'Secrets to Retirement Riches' or similar entries are not likely to be listed. Free advice or information related to retirement planning is best found in Home/Consumers/Consumer_Education/Financial/
Socially responsible investing (SRI), ethical investing, or sustainable investing is practiced by individuals and institutions. The strategies incorporate environmental, social, governance criteria in the investment process. Such criteria may be applied via screening of portfolios, shareowner advocacy or activism campaigns, and community development investing. A distinct form of investing, sustainable investing (or SRI) has matured into a rapidly growing global industry and community.
Please only submit business sites of products and services in the sustainable investing industry and community. Submit to the sub-category appropriate to your site. Provide a very brief description.

If applicable, indicate the national or other jurisdiction responsible for regulation of your investment business.

Investment software includes commercial as well as noncommercial software products that are intended to assist some area of investor functions. NOTE: Software producers in the investing arena may or may not have any financial training or expertise. There is virtually no regulation or fidcuciary licensing of many of these products.
Please only submit existing software products for Institutional and Back office departments/enterprises, not ideas, concepts, projects

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Providers and Consultancies should be added to the appropriate subdirectories.

Business:Investing:Stocks and Bonds is intended as a broad category of publicly available equities. Please see subdirectories herein for where your submitted web site might best be placed.