The Transportation and Logistics sector category includes industries providing transportation of people, cargo, goods, merchandise and products by land, air or sea. Also included in this category are industries and companies engaged in importing and exporting, customs brokers, packing, warehousing, and storage.
Some types of site are not listed here:
This category is for companies whose business involves the secure transportation of cash and other valuables, using vehicles with at least Level 1 armoring (UL-752).
This category is for companies whose business involves the secure transportation of cash and other valuables, using vehicles with at least Level 1 armoring (UL-752). Please do NOT submit sites here that are related to PERSONAL security.
Resources related to companies operating commercial passenger and cargo transportation by air. The category features aviation transport businesses and organizations, as well as those providing supplies and services to this industry.
Recreational aviation sites are listed in the Recreation/Aviation category.
Sites concerning travel by air as a passenger are listed in the Recreation/Travel category.
This site relates to the business of transportation. Only web sites of companies, organizations and individuals that manufacture, sell, or otherwise provide products, services, information and resources to the international aviation business community can be submitted here.


Please submit only bus operators who serve more than one continent in this category. All other bus companies should be submitted to a more specific category. Thank you.
This category only contains links to countries around the world that have transportation and logistics sites.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
For sites related to car-sharing (where a fleet of cars is jointly-shared in a flexible short term membership based manner). These can be organized as democratically-controlled companies, for-profit corporations, public agencies, and/or cooperatives.
Formal and informal conferences, meetings, trade shows, and workshops, and associated events related to Transportation Industry.
Sites listed here must be for companies offering general consulting services in the field of transportation and logistics.
Companies with a more narrow focus are listed in the linked subcategories and do not belong here.

For example, consultants primarily for distribution logistics belong in Business/Transportation_and_Logistics/Distribution_and_Logistics/Consulting, and those with a focus on rail transport logistics belong in Business/Transportation_and_Logistics/Rail/Services/Consulting.

Courier companies, small freight, express and messenger services worldwide and local. Also hot shot services.
Please only register for this category if you run an association that directly serves the courier and messenger industry.
Customs are the duties, tolls, and imposts imposed by a government on imports or exports. Customs brokers help importers and exporters comply with the laws and procedures. This category is for sites about customs and businesses focused primarily on providing customs services. Companies that offer customs services, but are primarily involved in freight forwarding, are listed in the Freight Forwarding category.
This category is for licensed or government approved companies focused primarily involved on customs brokerage, consulting, and associated activities. Companies that offer customs services, but are primarily involved in freight forwarding, should submit to the Freight Forwarding category.
The Fleet_Maintenance Category is for companies that provide systems, specialized equipment, or other services that assist in maintaining a fleet of vehicles.
Companies that repair commercial vehicles should be submitted to a category in:

If your company repairs automobiles, it should be submitted to your Locality in:

Freight forwarders facilitate the movement of goods in international trade by playing an intermediary role between their clients and the companies who pick up, transport, and deliver goods to their destinations. Freight forwarders negotiate freight rates with transport providers. Considering cost, speed, and reliability, they recommend the best mode of transport to their customers. Once a plan has been approved, they work to make sure the goods are transported and delivered as agreed. In carrying out their work, freight forwarders frequently provide associated services, such as customs services, NVOCC services, warehousing, and advice about risk management, financing, and methods of payment. This category is for sites about the topic of freight forwarding, and for the sites of businesses whose primary business activity is freight forwarding. A subcategory named for a specific country is for sites focused primarily on shipping goods from that country to places elsewhere.
Submit sites about freight forwarding. Companies submitted should be engaged primarily in offering freight forwarding services.
This category covers all aspects of the maritime industry, from Ship Owners to Ports. Category is divided into several specialized subcategories, each dealing with a particular aspect of the maritime industry, i.e. Agents, Brokers and Charterers, Maritime Administrations, Shipyards etc. See also Recreation/Boating and relevant subcategories.
Manufacturers and builders of smaller vessels can be found in Recreation/Boating/Build_and_Design and Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Watercraft

Underwater repair services can be found in Business/Transportation_and_Logistics/Maritime/Services/Underwater_Services.
Please submit Freight Exchanges only.
This category and its sub-categories list sites for businesses that offer services directly related to the one-off, exceptional movement or temporary storage of equipment, items, or possessions.
Sites for businesses that are based in, and primarily serve customers from, one specific locality, state, or equivalent local area, should be submitted within Regional/ only. Businesses submitted here must either be based in multiple locations across one or more countries, or primarily serve customers across a similarly wide area.

Sites related to equipment used in the process of moving or storage should not be submitted here. Sites for distributors of shipping materials should be submitted within Packaging, unless they primarily allow consumers to select and obtain goods and services over the Web, where they may be submitted within Shopping/. Storage and materials handling equipment should be submitted within Industrial_Supply.

Sites for businesses that offer industrial storage and warehousing should consider submitting within Logistics/Warehousing_and_Storage.

Sites for businesses that provide general heavy truck transport, or a mix of truck transport services should be submitted within Trucking/Truck_Transport.

Sites for businesses that provide real estate services not specifically related to the physical process of moving should be submitted within Regional/ if serving a limited geographical area, or Business/Real_Estate.

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) is a cargo consolidator of small shipments in maritime trade, generally soliciting business and arranging for or performing containerization functions at the port. An NVOCC does not own the seagoing vessel. This category is for sites about NVOCC and the businesses focused primarily on providing NVOCC services.
Businesses involved in rail transport or infrastructure, including operators, manufacturers or suppliers of products, services and equipment to the rail industry.
Few sites, if any, will be listed directly in this category. Please submit your listing to a more specific sub category.

Submitting your site to the wrong category will delay your listing in the directory.

To speed the review of your site and its listing in the directory, please go to Business/Transportation_and_Logistics/Rail and use the add request form in the most appropriate category.

Sites of a recreational nature (including preserved or heritage railways) should be listed in the appropriate category under Recreation/Trains and Railroads
This category will list Software that is used in the Transportation Industry.
A area for companies who offer specialist services to, or actually transport, less run-of-the-mill items. These could include Dangerous Goods (chemicals), abnormally large items, livestock and pets, or items that will require specialist handling and storage.
Please only submit your site to this category if it is a business offering transportation of animals.
This category includes general links about the Taxicab Industry. Sites for local taxicab companies should be listed in the appropriate city category in the Regional branch.

This category includes general links for the Taxicab Industry. Submit sites for local taxicab services to the most specific geographic subcategory in the Regional branch.

NOTE: If your taxicab service serves a local area and you submit it to this category, it will be deleted.. Again, please submit all local taxi services to the most specific category in the Regional branch.

Before submitting a site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Site

All submitted sites will be reviewed at the earliest convenience. Please make sure the site is completely finished and that all links work. Any sites submitted unfinished or "under construction" will not be reviewed any further and will be deleted from the database. It is our deepest interest to get every site deserving, reviewed and approved as rapidly as possible. A completed submission will assist in that effort.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

This category is limited to following types of sites:

  • Companies that manufacturer and service trolleys
  • Companies that offer trolleys for sale or lease
  • General sites about the trolley industry
  • This category does not include travel and tourism oriented sites selling, marketing or promoting trolley tours.

All aspects of the commercial trucking business. Includes on and off highway heavy duty trucks. New and used truck and trailer sales, truck repair shops, OEM and aftermarket truck parts sales, truck transport companies, and other related sites of interest to those in the commercial trucking business.
This category is for sites providing resources for truckers and the trucking industry. Sites submitted to this category should provide actual resources, not just links to offsite resources. If your site contains mostly offsite links, you should submit it to "Business:Transportation and Logistics:Trucking:Directories" instead.
Businesses relating to the movement of people within urban areas.