All aspects of learning and teaching about and with computers including tutorials and teaching software.
Company sites providing training in computers, software, etc. should be submitted to the Commercial Services sub-category. All non-English language sites belong in the appropriate World/ category.
This category is for sites related to gaining computer certification. It provides resources for those taking; or thinking of taking these exams.
Please submit sites to the sub - category of the certificate you provide resources for, or otherwise, submit to Computers/Education/Certification (this category); clearly stating which exam you provide resources for.
Websites for companies who provide services to the IT education industry are listed here.
Submitting to the correct subcategory will expedite the listing of your site. Submitting your site to all subcategories, or repeatedly to the same one will annoy the editors.
This category is for general computer courses.
Commercial training companies should submit to the category: Computers/Education/Commercial_Services/Training_Companies/

Sites offering courses for learning the Internet and Internet technologies should submit to the category: Computers/Education/Internet/Courses/

Sites offering primarily online course programs should submit to the category: Computers/Education/Courses/Online/

Sites offering classroom-based courses should submit to the appropriate Regional/ category.