This area is for anything related to computer hardware including technical support sites, product reviews, and home built/kit hardware and just about anything else you can think of related to the physical world of computers.

Websites are only listed in one subcategory of Hardware.

An electrical connection which allows two or more wires or lines to be connected together. Typically, all circuit cards receive the same information that is put on the Bus. Only the card the information is "addressed" to will use that data. This is convenient so that a circuit card may be plugged in "anywhere on the Bus." All computers and most telephone systems use buses of some type. Computer buses are typically open. Telephone system buses are typically closed.
This is an "information only" category. If you have an article or other important information you can submit to any of the subcategories of Hardware and it will be placed in the category for you.

If you have a product, then submit to the proper category in Hardware as this is not where it belongs.

Cables may refer to a number of different types of wires or groups of wires capable of carrying audio or data transmissions. This category is for informational sites about computing related cables.

Manufacturers are listed in the relevant subcategory. Retailers are listed in the Shopping category @linked.

Please only suggest informational sites / discussion forums relating to computing cabling to this category.

The websites of manufacturers who make computer cables should be suggested to the manufacturers subcategory.

The websites of businesses that sell computer cables should be suggested to: Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Accessories: Cables. If you sell computer cables from a physical shop and don''t sell online - you should suggest your site to the relevant category for your local town in the Regional branch instead.

A machine for the mechanical performance of mathematical operations, for the most part invented by Charles Babbage and G. and E. Scheutz. It computes logarithmic and other mathematical tables of a high degree of intricacy, imprinting the results on a leaden plate, from which a stereotype plate is then directly made.
A small binary object or program that performs a specific function and is designed in such a way to easily operate with other components and applications. Submit sites that have to do with memory, motherboards, video and sound cards, microprocessors, ASICs and Chips, BIOS plus fans and cooling devices. The main category should be sites that sell a variety of all the components.
This category contains primarily suppliers of services and products for ASIC design, with traditional semiconductor manufacturers listed in Business: Electronics and Electrical: Components: Semiconductors: Integrated Circuits: Digital .
This category is for Hardware related education. We have categories for tutorials and How To's.
Please submit only sites that are related to Hardware -Computer Education.
This category contains links to everything and anything related to embedded systems and embedded system development.
Not a sales category.
The extension of technical information, advice and assistance. Sites in this category should be general in nature. More specific howto / tutorial categories exist all over the directory.
The extension of technical information, advice and assistance. Sites in this category should be general in nature. More specific howto / tutorial categories exist all over the directory.
A collection of materials relating to the history of computing.
Please submit sites with APF MP1000 based computers.
This category is for computer hardware or hardware-related projects developed and licensed openly and freely.
To this category, please submit only links on open source hardware or hardware-related projects.

Links on computer central processors (CPU) please submit to the Processor category.
Links on software projects that are not related to hardware please submit to the Open Source category.
A peripheral is any computer device that is not part of the essential computer (the processor, memory, and data paths) but is situated relatively close by. A near synonym is input/output (I/O) device. Some peripherals are mounted in the same case with the main part of the computer as are the hard drive, CD-ROM drive, and network interface cards. Other peripherals are outside the computer case, such as the printer and image scanner, attached by a wired or wireless connection.
Please submit sites that pertain to modems as they relate to hardware peripherals. Sites that are informative in matter and content or provide means necessary to obtain modems for personal or business use may be accepted for submission into this category.

Editor reserves right to change link and site description for category. Please keep site descriptions to less then 2-3 sentences.

Programmable Logic are chips that can be programmed to do things. You can design some electronic circuit and programme it into an IC.

Computer hardware retailers organized alphabetically with some additional special categories.

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Professional and non-professional evaluations and reviews of computer related components.
Sites submitted to this category should be technical reviews. Sites aimed at the home consumer should be submitted to Home/Consumer_Information/Computers_and_Internet/Hardware/
Agreed principles of protocol. Standards are set by committees working under various trade and international organizations.
Storage is the main area in a computer in which data is stored for quick access by the computer's processor. This term originated in the days of the mainframe computer to distinguish the more immediately accessible data storage from auxiliary storage. On today's computers, especially personal computers and workstations, the term random access memory (RAM) is usually used instead of main storage, and the hard disk, diskettes, and CD-ROMs collectively describe auxiliary storage.
Choose ONE of the subcategories your site best fits. Your site cannot be listed in more than one.
Computer systems are any set of hardware, firmware, and peripherals, designed to work together. For personal computers, PCs, a system comprises at least the following: a system unit housing hardware and, the motherboard and any related expansion boards, disk drives (hard, floppy, CD/DVD), memory; a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. Other devices may be present, such as a printer, modem or backup tape drive. Operating systems and application software can be thought of as parts of a full computer system, but this category focuses on HARDWARE components only. The Computers/Systems category covers hardware and software systems.
This category is for any and all services involved with computers and computer hardware. Service and support with systems integration, computer repair, network installation, etc. All other submissions will be deleted.
Any hardware equipment that can perform tests, connected in some way or related to Computers.
For standalone analyzer that do not require computer and not computer related analyzers/testers use: Business/Electronics_and_Electrical/Test_and_Measurement/

For SW tools like sniffers parsers data loggers without HW part use: Computers/Software/Diagnostics/

For Calibration tools use Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Calibration_and_Testing For distributors: Business/Electronics_and_Electrical/Test_and_Measurement/Wholesale_and_Distribution/

Sites dealing with used hardware for computers or used systems only!
Sites dealing with used hardware for computers or used systems only!