This category lists larger sites which relate to general web based chat. Other types of online chat are included in appropriate sub categories. If you cannot decide which site to visit, why not try our chat guides category here, it recommends easy-to-use chat sites, and lists many help files for new chatters.
This category is for sites which feature resources or information on live chat or related topics.

Suitable sites may include online communities or other such venues which have a large participation.

Please submit smaller web chat rooms (Java or HTML based), IRC, The Palace and instant messaging related sites to the appropriate sub categories.

Note that this category and sub categories are not suitable for the submission of forum sites.

This category is for chats that revolve a single topic or topic area, such as social issues or science.
Included here are chats with a specific topic area.

Please select the best subtopic listed in this category or make a quick search for the best category. This could significantly speed up your submission process.
Includes links to websites with more links to chat sites. Also includes links to chatroom ratings.
Please submit only sites dealing with Digi Chat Chat Rooms in this category or anything to do with Digi Chat.
Guides to chatting and discussion. New user, experienced user and other chat guides.
Instant messaging is the process of using a computer application to send and receive messages in real time to another user. This works very similar to a conversing in a chat room, but has some different features.

There are many different Instant Messengers available for public use.

This category is for Instant Messaging Services.

Clients that offer add-ons or skins should submit their site to Add-On Software.

Webpages that focus on a particular messenger application should submit their site to the appropriate subcategory listed below. For example, sites about AOL Instant Messengers would be listed in Computers/Internet/Chat/Instant_Messaging/AOL_Instant_Messenger.

And, please refer to individual Access providers to the proper subcategory of Computers/Internet/Access_Providers.


Sites about IRC, Internet Relay Chat.
Please only submit sites that are related to IRC in general. If your site is related to an individual IRC client, network, server, shell provider, etc., please submit to the appropriate subcategory.
An interactive world surrounding discussion and social conversation. Originating from a MUD-style game. Talkers can be telnet-based or client-based, varying based on the preferences of the moderator and the server software.
Please submit servers, clients, or portals to talkers.
Telnet is logging into a UNIX machine through an internet or intranet. This category has a listing of telnet servers which allow chat through their machine using telnet.
The Palace visual chat software lets you communicate interactively in rich visual environments. You create personalized "avatars" that allow you to be "seen" online. You can express yourself with sounds, space, and movement as well as text. Conversation appears in speech balloons next to the avatars, making it much easier to follow than boring text-based chat.
Websites that are related to the Palace software will be accepted. Any other type of chat software websites will be rejected. Please submit your site to the appropriate category.
Used to communicate using a web-camera or another mean of video communication. Most video chats use streaming audio and video, and most of the time includes chatting in a chat room.
"Chat" in internet terms refers just to TEXT chat - typing back and forth. But VOICE chat is for programs or sites that allow users to TALK back and forth, as well as or instead of typing.
Sites listed here let all visitors to the site talk to each other live (in turn) and many also have text messaging built in. To talk on any site one needs at least I.E.4, or Netscape 4.08, or AOL 4, or better, a working microphone or headset, and a very small browser "plugin" which should load automatically once when you first access the page.
The different systems used appear to be: Yahoo Chat, Excite(using LipStream), LipStream alone, Vocaltec Surf'n'Call, TelcoPoint using HearMe, plain "old" HearMe VoiceCreator, and "new" blue HearMe. (Some of these have since ceased - refer FAQ).
Only sites written in ENGLISH will be accepted in this category! Thanks.
Sites about web-based chat rooms
Note that actual chat rooms are not listed in this category (please see the Chat Rooms sub-category instead). Sites with information or advice about web-based chat rooms may be suggested here, along with any other web-based chat room related sites that don''t fit better into one of the linked categories.