Cloud Computing is the deployment of various technologies on demand for the delivery of computing resources typically over the Internet. The architecture of cloud computing involves one or more real servers, generally in architecture with high reliability and physically located at the data center of the service provider. In case of Infrastructure as a Service, the customer uses the provided interface to select the service on request (such as a complete virtual server or storage) and administer (including configuration of building a server, deletion, partitioning). The physical characteristics of the implementation (real server, the location of the data center ) are irrelevant. For Platform as a Service, the customer can login an select solutions to launch an instance which are most commonly used, which can be a content management system like Joomla! or a server instance for deploying custom application for a specific server side programming language without the actual need of manually installing the needed components through command line interface. It however decreases the control of the user as the user can not directly run commands through SSH which demands to be the root user privilege (like installing Ruby Gems with sudo command). Depending on the service provider, the user can however pull a git or wget or curl the resource and use make command. The frontend application's webroot is usually not the default webroot, for example in case of a Apache2 webserver. Software as a Service, is practically the usage of frontend of the application through browser. Apart from these three, Cloud Computing can be divided in to three models - public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud depending upon the permitted usage and access.

Please suggest only the websites which provide information, standard documentation(s) or properly written guides (textual or video guide) on topics related to usage or guides for server-side development related to Cloud Computing.
Information might include the potential risks, accepted benefits and guidelines from authoritative bodies and must not promote a single brand to confuse the user.
Please suggest websites directly to the appropriate sub-category, under Cloud Computing main category.

For Example :
All service providers ideally should suggest to the Cloud_Computing/Service_Providers sub category instead of the main category.
All free software developers as well as closed source software developers ideally should suggest their website in Cloud_Computing/Programming sub-category instead of the main category.  Websites must have direct relationship with programming and must not be a service provider themselves.
Apart from the standard guide written here - How to suggest a site to the Open Directory
which must be followed, please suggest your website on this specific category only if :
  • You have nothing related to cloud computing to commercialize. The terminology commercialize excludes using standard third party adverts which are complaint with our "How to suggest a site to the Open Directory" policies linked above.
  • The website or part of website must have a significant and / or authoritative unique content which are fully free to read without any need to register, forced to click any social networking button to reveal the content or fully paid content.
Educational websites, Governmental websites or any standard organization who determines the rule or sets the security canbe suggested, including any non-webpage pdf file document.
Resources related to the usage and development of (either server side or the front end) Cloud Computing.
Only Submit Websites which has academic resources, developers' resources, snippets and documentation about the development of the project or the system related to Cloud Computing. It can include information about Free software that aims to run specific cloud computing platform or software specially developed to run under cloud based systems.
Includes the providers of cloud computing services including storage, data access, infrastructure, network and applications fully related to cloud computing.

Please submit only sites after reading the criterion :

This category is not for cloud based applications. Custom applications are better listed under their topic, for example Web Apps for a cloud based online operating system or Music for an online cloud based music player.

All services should be open for anyone to use for a minimum period (for example have a developer's account or a free usage tier - otherwise it is impossible for us to test the service), or at a minimum available for small business use (i.e. not only for large companies or conglomerates).

Do not submit your website or part of website if already listed in this directory under any type of web services

Do not submit your website if the website delivers Service of others as reseller and partner - this category is intended to list the original service providers of IaaS and PaaS cloud model. Please submit to other suitable category if you are delivering service to your client(s) as a partner or reseller.