A cybercafe (also referred to as Internet Cafe) is a place offering computers for rent with the ability to check email, surf the Internet, make connections with others via chat, upload digital photos, play games, utilize word processing and other software products. Many cafes also offer other business services and refreshments. Establishments with the primary purpose of interactive gaming should be sent to Computers/Internet/Cybercafes/Gaming All other general purpose cybercafes should be submitted to the appropriate regional sub-category. Businesses which are primarily a restaurant, that happens to also offer a couple of internet terminals should be sent to the appropriate Regional locality.
Please submit your site to one of the appropriate "country subcategory" below. This will help speed the editing of your submission.

Please additionally submit your site to the appropriate "locality" category in the ODP Regional branch.

Example: Kifissia Internet Cafe - Internet Café located in Athens. should be add to Computers/Internet/Cybercafes/Greece/ and submitted to Regional/Europe/Greece/Prefectures/Attica/Athens/

Cybercafe's in Austria.
Please submit only cyber cafe sites with sufficient English language content for readers to understand its location and services. Otherwise send to appropriate "World" (language) category.
Cybercafes in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Cybercafes located in Belgium
Site must have some English on it.
Cyber cafés based in the Czech Republic.
Suggest each site once only.
Cybercafes in the Dominican Republic. Must have sufficient English or be navigable to readers in English.
Gaming Centers offer PCs for rent that are optimized for games and have high speed Internet access. Services often include LAN parties, tournaments, and other events.
Cyber cafes in Japan with sufficient English on page(s) posted to meet criteria for submissions to Computer category overall.
Sites must have sufficient English that readers who know only English can read some aspect of site.
Cybercafes in Mexico.
Only sites in English, or with English sections, should be submitted to this category. Sites entirely in Spanish should be submitted to the category World/Español/Regional/España/Economía y negocios/Informática/Internet/Cibercafés.
The place that provides computers and internet access, also some food. Most cybercafes also provide other software usages like wordprocessors, and of course networked games.
Please submit the location, where about in New Zealand, if possible.
Norwegian Cybercafe's which have some English content on site or whose images allow English speaking readers to navigate site to some extent.
Cybercafes on the island nation of Saint Lucia
Cybercafe management software
Web sites of internet cafes or cyber cafes in the country of South Africa.
Sites must have significant English language content or otherwise be sent to appropriate World category.
This category is for internet cybercafés which have sufficient English language on the web site for readers to locate the café in Sweden. The category is under Computers/Internet.
Please submit only sites:

1. which have a physical location in Sweden, 2. are internet cafes with both internet access for customers as well as some form of snack and beverage, and 3. Offer sufficient English language on the web site for readers to locate the café.

Please also consider submitting the site to the appropriate World category if it is multilingual.

Cybercafe systems including vending machines, enclosures and associated software
Web sites of cybercafes found in the country, Turkey.
Web sites with significant English content, of cyber cafes in Uganda.
Please additionally submit your Ugandan Cyber cafe site to Regional category.
Submission Notes:

1. If your site is not an internet cafe based in Northern Ireland, please do not submit to this category, but choose a more appropriate category.

2. Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

1. When writing your site''s title, please ensure it is the same as your organisation.

2. When writing your site''s description, please say what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

Cyber Cafes in United States, including Hawaii.
After submitting your cyber cafe URL here, please also consider sending an additional post to the Region of U.S. in which you exist. Thanks.