The 42 member Digital Future Coalition (DFC) is committed to preserving the time-tested balance between the rights of owners of intellectual property and the traditional use privileges of the public.
Root services not acknowledged by ICANN or the United States Department of Commerce.
This category is for organizations that run Alternate Roots or create technology that allows them to operate.
Sites related to the work of the Internet Corporation for Assign Names and Numbers ("ICANN"), the non-profit corporation formed in 1998 to assume responsibility for domain name system management, IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, and the management of the root server system.
ICANN At-Large support websites and other websites supporting the reform of ICANN and other organizations.
Pretty much anything goes as long as it meets these guidelines:

1. The site is a "political" site about ICANN 2. The site is related to the actions of ICANN At-Large 3. The site must NOT be an ICANN bash site.

These are organizations that are recognized as having some sort of standards-making role for the Internet. In other words, they create the technologies that allow users to interact with the Internet.
Please only submit sites for organizations that deal with Internet standards.