General computer-related organizations.
Very few sites are listed in this category. Submitting inappropriate sites here will only delay their review and potential listing by editors.

Only very general computer-related organizations with a wide scope will be listed here.

  • Computer-related business sites are not listed here. See Computers: Consultants, Computers: Companies, or Business: Information Technology instead.
  • Organisations which focus on a particular aspect or topic of computers, are listed instead under that topic or aspect. Start from Computers and navigate down to find the best topic-related category for your site.
  • Certain forms of general Computer-related organizations, will be listed in a sub-category of Computers: Organizations, rather than the main category this one. If there is a suitable sub-category for your site (e.g. Associations, Committees, Working Groups, User Groups), you should look there rather than submitting your site here.
These are sites of organizations dealing with technology for the purpose of human welfare.
Please submit only sites that are non profits that deal with technology. Non profit technology resources are acceptable.
These are the User Groups that are formed among people to associate with others with a similar interest.
If the site you are submitting focuses on one particular system, please follow the links in Computers: Organizations: User Groups to the appropriate category.

If there is no category there, please find the most appropriate subcategory of Computers: Systems and submit there.

Please also note that sites not primarily in English should be submitted to the respective World: category. Thankyou.