Robotics is a term coined by Isaac Asimov to describe the field of science involving robots and related technologies. So what is a robot? The word comes from a 1923 Czech play called R.U.R. and described autonomous, humanoid robot servants. The original Czech word was robota, which means "servitude or forced labor". According to the Syrius Cybernetics Corporation of Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a robot is "your plastic pal who's fun to be with". A more conventional definition is, "A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks". There are many other definitions, some a bit too narrow and some far too broad. We try to be as inclusive as possible, accepting sites about hobby robotics, industrial robotics, even those about the radio-controlled entertainment vehicles of "Robot Wars". Enjoy our selections. And if you don't agree with some of our choices, rest easy in the knowledge that someone else out there wouldn't agree with yours.
Robotics is a high-level category. Almost all sites should go in a subcategory unless they are very general in nature covering many aspects of robotics.
Sites dealing with the intersection of robotics and art.
Sites suitable for this category include robotics kinetic sculpture, entertainment robots, robots that sign, dance, or paint. If it''s related to an art form and involves a robot, it goes here.
Tutorials, FAQs, technical references, and project information intended to help with the design and construction of robots.
Please submit sites only related to building and understanding the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System. Sites that are related to non-robotic Lego products, or only sell Lego Mindstorms gear, do not belong here.
This category is for companies that are involved in Robotics in any way, including as manufacturers, importer, exporters, sellers, and online stores.
Subcategories for major areas of robotics commerce such as industrial robotics, medical robotics, kits, and components are provided. If the company specializes in one of these areas, please submit the site to the relevant subcategory. Only companies which cover multiple areas or provide products/services for which there is not a subcategory should submit here.
Robot competitions have existed almost as long as robots. Most competitions are designed to improve the skills and knowledge of the robot builders, while others are designed to spur new technological developments that will result in more intelligent and useful robots. Most local robot clubs and organizations hold contests to encourage members to learn about robotics by actually building robots with the goal of completing specific tasks. Competitions are also being used very successfully by many educational organizations to promote the science and math skills of students. More recently, corporate media events known by names such as Robot Wars and Battlebots have come on the scene. These events consist of two or more radio controlled vehicles which appear to fight and destroy each while actually being controlled by humans off-screen. These "robot" events have become the professional wrestling of the robot world and spurred endless debates on the use (and misuse) of the word "robot".
Only sites related to robot competitions, "robot" combat events, and associated team sites should be submitted here. Subcategories exist for events that many websites associated with them. Please use a subcategory if it is appropriate.
Sites that maintain links to resources relating to robotics.
Submit sites that are primarily composed of links to robotics resources. The links may also be arranged according to some categorisation, for example.
This category contains links to educational programs and institutions in robotics related fields.
Pages about robotics educational programs, institutions, and facilities should be listed in this category. Pages that are primarily about robotics research should be listed in /Computers/Robotics/Research
Information about important events and people in the robotics timeline.
Please submit sites that deal with important events or people in the history of robot or robotics.
Robotics Clubs, societies, etc.
Robotics Clubs/Societies only! Robot Wars and Battle Bots have their own categories. If your website is primarily that of a club or society, add it to this category. As all sites are reviewed, the editors can add it to another additional category (e.g. Building [robots]) if we feel it would be appropriate there. Thanks
There are many researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts in the field of robotics that develop or investigate mobile robots or manipulators, addressing challenging problems, algorithms, methods, software and hardware. The sites in this category are a showcase of their hard work.
Please only submit sites relating to either personal or group robotic projects.
A great deal of research goes on today into advanced Robotics, as scientists and engineers try to create "better", more complex robots. Research involves both the theory behind robots, and their actual design.
If your site is primarily deals with research, it belongs here. For instance, websites for university research groups would go here, as might those of corporate or government groups. Research in this context includes both theoretical and practical work.
Sites about specific robots or types of robots.
Sites that are primarily about a specific robot or type of robot should be submitted to this category. For example, sites about the Honda Asimo robot, or BEAM robots would be appropriate here. Sites about homebrew, one-of-kind robots should be submitted to Computers/Robotics/Personal_Pages rather than this category.
Websites about specific robotics software packages or code are listed here. These are sites where you can obtain (e.g. download or purchase) the software. Comprehensive software packages or libraries that perform both control and simulation functions are listed in the main category. Subcategories are provided for software the is primarily for simulation or control.
Please submit your site in a sub-category if possible to speed the review process. Only sites from which user can actually obtain software should be listed. Websites for companies that sell or design software should be listed in /Computers/Robotics/Companies
Standards related to robots and robotics
Sites that contain or discuss standards related to robotics or sites for standards bodies developing robotics standards should go in this category. Sites primarily about software that implements a standard should go in the appropriate Computer/Robotics/Software category.