This category has been set up to contain games which must and can only be played on the Internet. Also look at the categories for Computer and Video Games. Many of these games can be played online now. But they are still listed with the individual games (Video Games/ Genres) to make it easier to find them.
This category has a large number of submissions. This means any sites submitted to this category could take anywhere from several weeks to several months (or longer) to be listed.

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Games intended to be run under Fidonet-era bulletin board software. They're called "doors" because they were separate programs that would run on the BBS host. Since machines didn't necessarily have multitasking capabilities, the main BBS program would "shell out" and start up the door program, which would then communicate with the user. When the door exited, the BBS software would start back up. Hence a door -- an excursion from the BBS to the outside world.
Submit sites about door games.

Sites about doors that aren''t games will not be listed here, and should be submitted to Computers/Bulletin_Board_Systems/Software.

This category contains text-based games played via the internet, either in chat rooms or on message boards. This does not include roleplaying games, strategy games, or simulation games which have there own category. It does however contains word games, puzzles and any other kind of game that can be played in chat or using message boards. Where possible, submit your site to an appropriate subcategory. For play-by-email games, see Games: Internet: Play-By-E-Mail.
This category is for general information concerned with online games which are known as 'Muds' or 'MUDs' (including all the different types of server/codebase which exist - MUSH, Diku, LP, etc). These games can be played via a telnet or Java application, or with one of the many 'MUD clients' which are available (mostly free of charge), online.
Please submit only general MUD resources to this category. For individual game sites, please choose a more specific subcategory based on game type or genre.
Play-by-mail gaming involves strategic or roleplaying games which are played via email or postal mail. Typcially each player will send his or her orders to the moderator, or GM, who will determine what happened in the game for the particular turn, and send updates to each player. Computer-moderated PBEM (play-by-email) gaming uses a computer program as the moderator instead of a human.
PBEM Chess or checker games, or any board game of conquest between two sides.
Online roleplaying games are games played via message board, email, or other electronic medium that do not emulate an actual world within the computer (See Games: Video Games: Roleplaying for these types of games).
Sites are rarely listed at this level. Please drill down into the subcategories to find the most appropriate category for your site and suggest it there. Only if no more specific category exists, should you suggest your site here.

For roleplaying games on the computer (i.e. a computer game, see Games: Video Games: Roleplaying).

Contains text based games where people create fantasy situations they can simulate.
Contains strategy games played on the Internet including those played by e-mail, in forums, and in your browser.
Please submit only sites dealing with strategy games that are played by e-mail in this category.

Most PBEM''s will be played by e-mail of course; but many use [IRC''s] to augment them as well. IRC''s allow faster interaction, and usually the game will say up front if IRC''s will be used. For the most part, PBeM''s are played by exchanging mail.