Live action roleplaying (a term often shortened into LARP or LRP) is a form of roleplaying where the participants do not merely verbally describe their actions, but actually carry them out (or pretend to do so). Live action games can be compared to improvisational theatre, where each of the participants is free to act on themselves, guided by their interpretation of the character they are playing. Although costuming and elaborate props are not a necessity, they are often employed to create an authentic atmosphere. Several different forms of live gaming have developed independently of each other, and the games can range from quite physical 'live combat' experiences to elaborate 'free form' plots, where the games consist of discussions, plotting and emotional immersion.
Please submit sites about Murder Mystery or Laser Games to their respective categories as these are not considered Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) by the definition of the Curlie Directory.
Companies offering event organization.
This category is for web pages pertaining to Live Action Role Playing games set in a Fantasy universe containing such elements as magic, mystical creatures, and fantasy races.
This category is not for groups affiliated with NERO: chapters, households, companies and other related pages belong in their respective sub-categories
In live action roleplaying in the Horror genre, players can portray normal humans facing unspeakable horrors, intrepid investigators challenging the unknown, or the creatures of the night themselves, dealing with the darker side of existence.
None LARP web sites should be submitted here
Live action games set in the present day and lacking any "fantastical" elements like magic, superscience, or vampires. Most such LARPs are "assassination games" where players pretend to stalk each other as part of fictional espionage scenarios.
Information on costume creation, weapons making, creating props and creating atmosphere for Live Action RP.
Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) set into a futuristic environment.
By the definition of the ODP, Laser Games are not Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) Games, and should not be submitted here. LARP Games may use Laser Weapons to enhance the game, but these should not be the primary way to play.