This section contains a list roleplaying games that have more than one web page devoted to them. Look in Games: Roleplaying: Genres/(appropriate_genre)/ for a listing of these systems, divided by genre.
If you want to submit a site for a game that isn''t listed in here, submit it to the appropriate subcategory of Games: Roleplaying: Genres. When a sufficient number of sites dealing with a new game system are submitted (and accepted), the Open Directory editors will create a new category for that game.
The rules for these tabletop (pen-and-paper) roleplaying games are available at no cost from the authors/owners.

This category is for games whose rules are free. If your site discusses a game that''s sold for money by its owner, it should be submitted to one of the subcategories of Games: Roleplaying: Genres or Games: Roleplaying: Systems.

This category is for tabletop (pen-and-paper) roleplaying games. Online, chat-based, and free-form games should be submitted to one of the subcategories of Games: Online: Roleplaying.

Please submit your site to the genre subcategory which best describes your system. Only submit here directly if your site covers multiple systems. Systems usable for multiple genres should be submitted to the Universal subcategory.

Many Gamers play more than one system, and also build their pages that same way. This category is for those Web sites that have information for more than one Roleplaying game system, but that don't cover all of them, and which systems don't really have anything else in common.
  • Pages for all Roleplaying should go in the main Roleplaying category.
  • Pages dedicated to a single system should go into the appropriate Roleplaying: Systems subcategory.
  • Pages dedicated to all the systems within a single genre (all fantasy games, for example), should go into the appropriate Roleplaying: Genres subcategory.