This category covers all collectible card games (known as CCGs) such as Magic, Mythos, Star Wars, etc. It also includes games of a similar nature, even if they aren't strictly speaking collectible - XXXenophile, the newer INWO expansions, etc. As a rule of thumb, any game that involves professionally-printed cards (i.e. not standard playing cards) should be in here.
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A collectible card game by Precedence Publishing, based in the Babylon 5 universe. Two to four players, each playing one of the major races, use characters from the series to gain power by either diplomacy, intrigue or military might.
Collectible card game based on the popular TV series.
Deadlands Doomtown as used in this category includes not just the collectible card game, but also the phalanx of collaborators involved its creation and play. Beyond this, it also means the great complex of social, political, economic, and psychological forces that influence all these people in uncountable ways. Doomtown -- poker played with freshly printed illustrated cards -- dramatizes ideas, sets them in confrontation with each other, and tests them in action. The paradoxes of Doomtown play resonate for us as they could not have even for the populace of the Wild West depicted on the cards, for the progression of fate through the millennium compels us to embrace Doomtown's treatment of our paramount concerns: self-knowledge and self-definition, the nature and value of happiness, the power of ideology, the intrications of spirit, and the obduracy of flesh. Each character taunts the gambler, "I maybe even be more 'alive' than you are."
All sites dealing primarily with Decipher can be submitted to this category.

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The Dragon Booster trading card game provided by Score Entertainment originated from the cartoon series created by Kevin Mowrer and Rob Travalino of The Story Hat. The card game consists of a few hundred cards of characters, twelve different colours of dragons, gear, events and maneuvers used during game play.
Sites specifically about the Dragon Booster Trading Card Game may be submitted to this category. Should the site be predominantly about the Dragon Booster cartoon series, please submit such to that particular category. If your site doesn''t meet the above criteria, and is submitted here anyway, inclusion in the directory can be delayed by the sorting process. Please try to find the most specific category for your site before submitting. Thank you, and please enjoy submitting your website.
Dragon Storm is a unique fantasy game in which players role-play shape shifters, such as dragons, unicorns, pegasai, werewolves, anthropormorphic tigers (tigreans), gargoyles and even orcs. Dragon Storm role-players use cards to keep track of their characters' skills, abilities, spells and equipment. Characters advance by spending role playing points acquired during adventures to add new shape shifter abilities, spells, and other skills.
Duel Masters was designed by the top designers at Wizards of the Coast in the United States, and made it's debut in Japan in 2003, toppling all competition(including the renown Yu-Gi-Oh! juggernaut) for the #1 spot in virtually no time. Duel Masters was released in North America in March, 2004. This category contains sites relevant to the Duel Masters Trading Card Game. To find sites that sell Duel Masters cards, click on the Shopping@ link on the category page. This will redirect you to the Trading Card Shopping category.
Sites submitted to this category should contain a useful amount of content for the visitor. Places to shop for Duel Masters cards will not be listed and should be submitted to the appropriate shopping category.
This is new trading card game that is forming. More descriptions will be available pending further notices and updates from the founder of this potential creation.
This category is for personal websites with information about more than one Trading Card Game (TCG) or Collectible Card Game (CCG). Topics typically include deck design strategies, card and deck lists, information about local play groups and tournaments, trade lists, and links to other resources. Sites about only one specific game should be submitted to that category.
Soccer Collectible Card Game from Wizard's of the Coast.
For sites about the Harry Potter trading card game offered by Wizards of the Coast.
The Last Crusade is the historical pocket miniatures game based on World War II. It is in the form of a CCG (Collectible Card game) but don't let that fool you. A $20 deck could compete equally with a $100 deck. Its overall strategy, quick tactics, and a little luck. Historically accurate game distributed by Pinnacle Entertainment and created by John Hoppler.
Devoted to the learning, playing, buying, and selling of the collectible card game (CCG) Magic: the Gathering created by Richard Garfield and Wizards of the Coast.
Sites that have a considerable amount of the following should be submitted at this level: 1) Articles about strategy. 2) Deck suggestions. 3) A forum or some sort of chat link within the site 4) Copious and detailed descriptions of player experience/information regarding MTG. 5) Rules and explanations. 6) Links to other sites.

Sites that are more of a small personal collection of the above should be submitted to Personal_Pages.

Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG) is a trading card game made by Iron Crown Enterprises, set in the Middle-Earth world created by J.R.R. Tolkien, familiar from his cult classic book "Lord of the Rings". Players take roles of wizards like Gandalf and Saruman, the Balrog or ringwraiths like the Witch-king of Angmar. Many MECCG sites suffer from being dated, it's almost like the nobody plays the game anymore... So, sites with fresh content are especially welcome here!
Card Game by Wizards of the Coast. MLB Showdown allows you to be the owner and manager of your own baseball team. You can have both American League and National League players on your team. MLB Showdown appeals to both baseball card collectors and people who enjoy playing trading card games.
A Christian produced trading card game based on the Bible.
Shadowfist is a trading card game (similar to Magic: the Gathering) that has a Hong Kong action-movie genre. Players battle for control of the world's Feng Shui sites: if you can control a number of them, you can reshape the past, present and future to your bidding! Currently, seven different factions struggle for control of the sites; sometimes they work together, but most of the time, they undermine each other for their own personal goals. First published in 1994 by Daedalus Entertainment, they went bankrupt in 1997 and has been in limbo for a few years. A small fan-run company, Loch Ness Games picked up the rights and will be released with help from Z-Man Games. Stay tuned!
Decipher, Inc. has created a "Customizable Card Game" based on the popular Star Wars movie trilogy. This strategy game is played by two opponents, who build decks of cards based on the characters, locations, weapons, ships and events of the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. Game play pits the Light Side of the Force against the Dark Side.
Please submit only quality sites that deal with the Decipher card game. There is a different category called "TCG Wizards" for the Star Wars Trading Card Game by Wizards of the Coast. Sites dealing primarily with card sales should be submitted to the shopping category.
Card game based on the TV show Survivor.
This category is devoted to sites which exist primarily to promote the trading of trading cards between collectors.
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (originally called Jyhad) - A Collectible Card Game (CCG) from Wizards of the Coast set in the world of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade game.
The Wheel of Time is a collectible card game based on The Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan. It was released in January, 2000. The game is played with 2 players (multi-player options are possible). One represents the Light and the other the Dark. The object of the game is to build up your forces and influence in order to prepare for the last battle between light and dark.
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Note: All general Wheel of Time fan pages are listed at Arts/Literature/Genres/Fantasy/Authors/J/Jordan,_Robert/Wheel_of_Time_Series/General_Fan_Pages.

This game is newly created, made by Upper Deck. Please submit sites related to this card game.
Collectible card came based on the WWF/E.
For sites about the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh!