This category and its subcategories are for downloadable or CD/DVD software card games playable on a computer.
Please submit to the Freeware or Shareware subcategories if appropriate.

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Non-software games played online should be submitted to the Browser Based Card Games category.

Sites related for play solely on a Handheld device should be submitted to the Handheld Card Games category.

Sites devoted to rules and other information rather than playing games on a computer should be sent to Card Games.

Mirror sites, doorways and sites under construction will not be accepted.

Lists sites related to Contract or Duplicate Bridge games that use a video screen to display the results of a player's actions, whether played on a home computer, game console or other device.
Please suggest sites related to games only. Sites related to Analysis and Documentation Software, Conventions and Bidding or Education will not be listed here.
Software for playing computer Canasta.
Sites offering Crazy Eights card game software.
Downloadable shareware card games.
Software for playing Euchre on a computer.
Sites offering software to play Five Hundred.
Sites offering software to play Pinochle.
Sites offering Sheepshead card game software.
Software for playing Solitaire games on a computer.
Software for playing the Spades card game.
Sites devoted to video card games that use a non-standard, special pack of cards.
If your game displays cards other than a standard fifty-two card deck (plus jokers), then it goes here.
Stacked, a poker game for the PC, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.
Websites dealing primarily with Stacked can be submitted to this category.

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  • Your description should resemble descriptions of sites already listed in the category.
Software for playing Whist on a computer.