Qi Gong (energy work) embodies self-care techniques developed in China thousands of years ago. In the old days, these arts were handed down from master to disciple and methods were closely-held family secrets. Today, Qi Gong exercises are very popular in China. Large groups practice in the early morning in public parks. In the West, qi gong and taiji classes are frequently recommended to assist in regaining and maintaining health: jing-qi-shen, the three treasures of essence-energy-spirit. Qi Gong strengthens the body, moves the energy (qi, chi, ki) and calms the mind. Enjoy!
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A style of qigong developed by Dr. Yan Xin, very popular with university students. Yan Xin Qigong is a part of Traditional Chinese Qigong. At the same time, it emphasizes more on the cultivation of virtue and scientific spirit, and seeks the guidance of modern scientific spirit in the practice and exploration of Qigong.
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