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Developed over 6000 years, Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most widely used healing system in the world combining the precision of science with healing wisdom. This tradition's understanding of health is based on principles of wellness. In practice this model treats and prevents illness,restores and develops optimal health,and enhances wellbeing of body, mind and spirit Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the "Five Branches" or disciplines of Chinese Medicine which are: Mind/Body/Spirit, Diet and Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Energy Practices (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and massage) and Acupuncture. Although it can stand alone Herbal Medicine practitioners are trained and choose to practice all five disciplines. Chinese Herbal Medicine parallels the Western disciplines of internal medicine,family practice, diet and nutritional sciences, pharmacology as well multiple sub-speciality disciplines such as Gynecology, Psychology, Cardiovascular, Hormonal, Pain and trauma and so on. In accord with high professional, educational and safety standards this category will list sites which reflect these criteria. Well trained and experienced practitioners of Chinese Herbal medicine are licensed nationally and by the medical boards of their states and maintain these standards in diagnosis and treatment with herbs In practice these criteria are as follows. Herbs used as medicine are not neutral in action. Single herbs and herbal medical formulas in CHM have been developed and clinically tested for hundreds of years. They are proven safe and effective when used for correctly diagnosed conditions. In addition herbs must be properly selected and dosages adjusted for each person's unique constitution, lifestyle,and environment. It is important in order to benefit from using herbal medicines to consult with or have an initial diagnosis and treatment by an experienced herbalist and practitioner before attempting self treatment. Finally, herbs and formulas need to be carefully evaluated for full disclosure of the ingredients and amounts for the following reasons. Prescription drugs and contaminants have been found in formulas imported from other countries and herbal medicines can interact with other pharmaceutical medicines. The quality control of herbal preparation is important as well (herbal integrity and quality, use of chemicals in preparing and processing.) All of these criteria will be satisfied by current practitioners and manufacturers,and distributors listed on this site. In this way the benefits of the Chinese Herbal Medicine tradition can be extended to a well informed public.
From modern Latin, literally "healing material". Pharmocology: the substances used to make medicinal drugs and a list of medical symptoms with the corresponding homeopathic or herbal remedies used to treat them. [Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition]
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