Dementia describes a gradual decrease in cognitive abilities from a once-normal state over a period of time. This category is for sites about the dementias of old age and geriatics. Alzheimer's is one type of dementia.
The AIDS dementia complex is a brain disorder that occurs in people with AIDS (HIV infection) that causes the loss of cognitive capacity, affecting the ability to function in a social or occupational setting.
A neurobehavioral syndrome associated with bilateral medial temporal lobe dysfunction.
Dementia with Lewy bodies describes several common disorders causing dementia. The name for the disease comes from the presence inside nerve cells of Lewy bodies. The disease has been given a variety of names - Diffuse Lewy body Disease - Cortical Lewy body Disease - Lewy Body Dementia - Senile Dementia Of Lewy Type - Lewy Body Variant of Alzheimer's Disease The main features of the condition include - development of dementia with features similar with those of Alzheimer's - development of some features of Parkinson's disease - fluctuation in condition on a day-to-day basis - early development of hallucinations
A rare form of DEMENTIA that is sometimes familial.
A progressive form of dementia characterized by the global loss of language abilities and initial preservation of other cognitive functions.
An imprecise term referring to dementia associated with CEREBROVASCULAR DISORDERS, including CEREBRAL INFARCTION (single or multiple), and conditions associated with chronic BRAIN ISCHEMIA.