This category is for sites about the practice of medicine.
No sites will be listed at this level.
Sites should not be suggested at this level unless they represent a basic science fundamental to the study or practice of medicine AND if there is not already a specific category linked from here. Please choose one of those other categories if possible, to avoid unnecessary delays in review.
Yellow page like directories to find web sites about medicine and some physicians. Listing may be influenced by advertising.
Do not submit sites about individual doctors or clinics here. They will not be listed.

Individual clinics or physician's sites should be submitted to the appropriate category in Regional and/or to the appropriate category in Health/Medicine/Medical_Specialties//Clinics_and_Physicians . Thanks.

Schools, graduate programs and resources offering medical educational material for the healthcare professional.
Resources related to United States Medical Licensure Exam (USMLE) Steps 1, 2 and 3.
Employment for physicians and medical personnel. Locum tenens. Permanent Placement. Medical Staffing. Medical Jobs. This directory contains links that are helpful for medical professionals to find a job, and resources for hospitals, clinics and medical practices to find candidates for temporary and permanent staffing needs.
This category should not be used for physician recruitment firms or firms which charge a fee for the placement of a physician. Recruitment firms should be listed in the Recruitment and Staffing category. This category is for those sites which either charge for advertising to recruitment firms and hospitals, or offer free advertising.
Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) is an approach that encourages the employment of the best available clinical evidence from systematic research for use in clinical practice. It seeks to augment medical traditions not yet subjected to adequate evaluation with findings based on the application of the scientific method. EBM tools include, but are not limited to, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews (of a series of trials) and meta-analyses.
Sites listed here, and in the subcategories, will focus on the application of evidence-based principles to the practice of Medicine and its subspecialties.

If your site concerns evidence-based healthcare in general, or in reference to a non-medical field of health such as nursing, dentistry, laboratory medicine, public health, policy-making or health economics, it should be submitted to Evidence Based Healthcare instead.

Sites concerned with alternative (complementary) medicine belong in Alternative Medicine and will not be listed here.

If your site has relevance only to the United Kingdom, it belongs here instead.

Places where the sick and injured are lodged and given medical treatment.
Please submit only Official sites of Military Hospitals.
Information about imaging modalities in health and disease.

Do NOT enter your website in this category if you are an imaging center!

The correct category is:

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...Informatics is an emerging discipline that has been defined as the study, invention, and implementation of structures and algorithms to improve communication, understanding and management of medical information. The end objective of biomedical informatics is the coalescing of data, knowledge, and the tools necessary to apply that data and knowledge in the decision-making process, at the time and place that a decision needs to be made. The focus on the structures and algorithms necessary to manipulate the information separates Biomedical Informatics from other medical disciplines where information content is the focus." Aamir M. Zakaria., MD "Medical Informatics Frequently Asked Questions"
This category is not for sites providing health or medical information. Informatics is quite different from information.

The category examines areas such as health concepts, ontologies, classifications, terminologies, (health) knowledge management methodologies and algorithms, electronic health record storage and delivery structures, health messaging and communication systems (including visual and auditory), and decision support systems. Related topics such as the human-computer interface, ethical and legal impacts, consumer access, security and privacy as well as many ethical issues are part of the health informatics world.

Training,education and standards are important as well as the many philosophical and conceptual debates and challenges as how best to represent health and disease for computer manipulation.

All health care professionals - doctors, nurses and allied health are working in these exciting developments.

Sites will be listed here only if they represent professional journals covering more than one medical specialty. Otherwise, please list in the specific specialty category.
Medical Specialties are for sites that pertain to information, practitioners, clinics and resources on the listed medical speciality. In turn, each sub-category of the Medical Speciality is broken down into areas related to that sub-category such as: Clinics and Hospitals, Journals, and Professional Organizations.
Medical Specialties are for sites that pertain to information, practitioners, clinics and resources on the listed medical speciality.

NOTICE - No sites will be accepted to the main Health/Medicine/Medical Specialties/ category - please find a sub-category which suits your site better. ABSOLUTELY NO SITES WILL BE LISTED AT THIS LEVEL.

Osteopathy is an established recognized system of diagnosis and treatment, which lays its main emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body. It is distinctive by the fact that it recognizes that much of the pain and disability which we suffer stems from abnormalities in the function of the body structure as well as damage caused to it by disease. [Description by General Osteopathic Council, 28th October 1998, United Kingdom] In the United States (where osteopathy originated in the late 19th century) osteopaths are complete physicians, designated by the letters D.O. which stand for doctor of osteopathy and are licensed to practice medicine and surgery and all medical specialties in all 50 states.
Sites listed here will be non-commercial personal web pages of medical practitioners/doctors/surgeons, reflecting their personal lives and experiences.

NB Sites about professional services do NOT belong here, and are listed in the appropriate "Clinics and Practitioners" category. Websites of patients belong in the appropriate subcategory linked from Health/Resources/Personal_Pages.
Please use the most appropriate subcategory or linked category here, according to the specialty involved.

Pharmacology is the study of drug mechanisms, from the point of administration, through absorption, to both the desired and side effects of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), or its formulation.  Any drug can be a poison, depending on the dose, and the study of excessive amounts is dealt with by the field of Medical Toxicology.

This category provides links to sites specifically relevant to Pharmacology.

Online medical reference materials, e.g. online manuals, textbooks, guidelines, dictionaries etc.
Sites listed here will have general medical reference materials which are accessible online. Sites which sell medical reference products do not belong here.

If the site refers mainly to a specific topic or profession, please choose the most specific category from those linked here.