This category covers person to person communications by telephone, pagers and two-way radios.

Please submit web sites on telephones, answering machines, pagers and two-way radios here.

Please submit shopping sites to Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Communications.

Consumer information and reviews of answering machines.
This category is mainly designed for all mobile-phone users/enthusiasts and first-time mobile phone buyers. A lot of the sites listed are user-opinion sites, providing a lot of good, unbiased advice on different mobile phones. Commercial sites are not allowed, as those sites belong in the Shopping or Business category, and usually don't provide any real useful information for people doing research to find the phone that is right for them, or for enthusiasts looking to do more with their phone.
Sites in this category are service/handset reviews, NON COMMERCIAL buyers'' guides, recall information, news, or tips and advice about the use of cell phones.

Sites which are primarily promotional or commercial in nature, (ie. Mobile phone shopping site) should be submitted to the Business, Regional, or Shopping categories as appropriate. Please do not submit them here, as they will not be considered for this category and will be deleted. Additionally, please check whether the site has already been listed in this category before submitting.